Apex Miniknog Base

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The penthouse at the top of an Apex Miniknog Base
Apex Miniknog Base is an Apex themed dungeon made up of a laboratory building with hostile scientists, caged monsters, and platforms and elevators. The top has a lavish suite with classic themed furniture, guarded by an Apex solider whose strength is two tiers above the level of the world.

Apex Miniknog bases can appear on any planet type except moons, liquid, garden, or barren planets. They are most likely to appear on tundra planets.

The code for the /placedungeon command is apexbase, with the usual warning of its dangers.


Basic Themed Treasure
Valuable Themed Treasure
Scientist Set
Scientist Set.png

Lore Books




Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Alarm Icon.png Alarm Light Source 15 A big flashing light and blaring siren guaranteed to draw lots of attention.
Ape Flu Poster Icon.png Ape Flu Poster Light Source 135 Ape Flu? Sounds serious...
Apex Male Bust Icon.png Apex Male Bust Decorative 50 A bust of an important Apex.
Banana Propaganda Poster Icon.png Banana Propaganda Poster Light Source 135 All Hail the Great Banana!
Bathroom Sink Icon.png Bathroom Sink Decorative 55 A bathroom sink. Wash your hands!
Big Ape Doll Icon.png Big Ape Doll Decorative 250 A somewhat suspicious doll of Big Ape.
Big Ape Poster Icon.png Big Ape Poster Light Source 135 Big Ape is All Seeing!
Big Ape TV Icon.png Big Ape TV Decorative 120 There's nothing on. Every channel just displays a picture of Big Ape.
Biohazard Sign Icon.png Biohazard Sign Decorative 60 A metal sign with a biohazard symbol.
Blue Flask Icon.png Blue Flask Decorative 30 A flask full of blue liquid.
Blue Light Icon.png Blue Light Light Source 60 A cold blue light.
Brain in a Jar Icon.png Brain in a Jar Decorative 50 A brain in a jar, daydreaming.
Classic Ape Painting Icon.png Classic Ape Painting Decorative 700 A very famous portrait of a mysterious lady.
Classic Baseboard Icon.png Classic Baseboard Block 0 This baseboard completes the classic home look.
Classic Bed Icon.png Classic Bed Furniture 210 A beautiful bed of rich wood and silks.
Classic Bookcase Icon.png Classic Bookcase Decorative 145 A bookcase built to be filled with classic literature.
Classic Chandelier Icon.png Classic Chandelier Light Source 120 This chandelier is made of wrought-iron. It looks expensive.
Classic Chest Icon.png Classic Chest Storage 70 A classy chest filled with classy treasure!
Classic China Cabinet Icon.png Classic China Cabinet Decorative 110 The reason you don't play ball in the house.
Classic Cupboard Icon.png Classic Cupboard Storage 160 A large classy storage cabinet.
Classic Curtain Icon.png Classic Curtain Decorative 60 The classiest curtain.
Classic Desk Icon.png Classic Desk Furniture 170 The sort of desk that's used exclusively for making important decisions.
Classic Dining Table Icon.png Classic Dining Table Furniture 180 For when you want to make a table-based statement.
Classic Drape Icon.png Classic Drape Decorative 70 The classiest drape.
Classic Light Icon.png Classic Light Light Source 70 A pretty iron wall sconce.
Classic Wallpaper Icon.png Classic Wallpaper Block 0 Some classy wallpaper, the perfect finishing touch.
Composite Rail Icon.png Composite Rail Rail 0 A strong reinforced rail.
Composite Rail Platform Icon.png Composite Rail Platform Rail Platform 475 Place a self-propelled platform that follows rails.
Cool Bookcase Icon.png Cool Bookcase Storage 145 It should be stocked full of science journals and lab reports.
Cool Chair Icon.png Cool Chair Furniture 75 It's an exceptionally cool chair.
Cool Chemical Shelf Icon.png Cool Chemical Shelf Decorative 120 It seems irresponsible to leave a bunch of unlabelled chemicals unattended.
Cool Cupboard Icon.png Cool Cupboard Storage 160 This cupboard is sleek, but it doesn't look sturdy.
Cool Desk Icon.png Cool Desk Furniture 120 This desk is sleek, looks solid.
Cool Empty Shelf Icon.png Cool Empty Shelf Decorative 105 There's nothing of interest on this shelf.
Cool Table Icon.png Cool Table Furniture 105 That sure is a cool table.
Empty Life Support Pod Icon.png Empty Life Support Pod Light Source 165 The pod is empty.
Fantasy Board Game Icon.png Fantasy Board Game Decorative 70 A board game, with a cardboard castle and game pieces.
Flickering Ceiling TV Icon.png Flickering Ceiling TV Decorative 90 A creepy monitor. A face flickers onto the screen, almost faster than the eye can see.
Glass Block Icon.png Glass Block Block 0 I can see my reflection.
Gothic Ape Painting Icon.png Gothic Ape Painting Decorative 800 A portrait of an Apex couple.
Green Flask Icon.png Green Flask Decorative 30 A flask full of green goo.
Hazard Block Icon.png Hazard Block Block 0 This pattern suggests caution.
Hazard Microscope Icon.png Hazard Microscope Decorative 75 A large microscope, designed for observing potentially hazardous bacteria.
Hi-Tech Chest (Blue) Icon.png Hi-Tech Chest (Blue) Storage 70 A chest with bright glowing markings throughout.
Howler Monkey Painting Icon.png Howler Monkey Painting Decorative 700 A haunting painting of a screaming Apex.
Iron Block Icon.png Iron Block Block 0 A solid iron block.
Iron Plaque Icon.png Iron Plaque Decorative 70 Simple, but elegant. Plaques like this bring some real class to a place.
Light Sliding Door Icon.png Light Sliding Door Door 95 A lightweight sliding door, advertised as being slimmer, faster, and more expensive.
Medieval Bowl Icon.png Medieval Bowl Decorative 40 A bowl. It doesn't look very clean.
Minidrone Intel Rack Icon.png Minidrone Intel Rack Decorative 450 A computer displaying information downloaded from the drone on top.
Miniknog Intel Display Icon.png Miniknog Intel Display Decorative 360 A display cycling through information about Miniknog strongholds.
Miniknog Newspaper Icon.png Miniknog Newspaper Decorative 360 A large propaganda newspaper, to be put up where everyone can see.
Obey Sign Icon.png Obey Sign Decorative 70 I'd better do what they say... ha!
Outpost Concrete Icon.png Outpost Concrete Block 0 Dark concrete specially designed for outposts.
Persistent Switch Icon.png Persistent Switch Wire 20 Once triggered this switch will remain in its switched state.
Pet Painting Icon.png Pet Painting Decorative 700 A quiet painting of an Apex with a pet.
Proximity Scanner Icon.png Proximity Scanner Wire 15 Perfect for all your automated door needs!
Rail Bumper Icon.png Rail Bumper Rail Point 100 Caps rail endpoints to send riders back the way they came
Rail Sensor Icon.png Rail Sensor Rail Point 100 Detects rail riders as they pass through
Red Danger Sign Icon.png Red Danger Sign Decorative 60 A sign that reads "Danger!". It couldn't really send a clearer message.
Red Light Icon.png Red Light Light Source 60 A dim red light.
Security Camera Icon.png Security Camera Light Source 90 A security camera. An all-seeing eye.
Security Door Icon.png Security Door Door 125 This door is made of some sort of bulletproof material.
Ship Support Icon.png Ship Support Block 0 A wall support used in ship construction.
Small Wall Switch Icon.png Small Wall Switch Wire 20 Flippin' awesome.
Standard Issue Fridge Icon.png Standard Issue Fridge Refrigerated Storage 110 A fridge, good for keeping food cold.
Standard Issue Oven Icon.png Standard Issue Oven Crafting Station 90 Cooks food to a reasonable standard.
Standard Issue Radio Icon.png Standard Issue Radio Decorative 50 The radio is switched on but silent.
Subtle Ape Painting Icon.png Subtle Ape Painting Decorative 600 A portrait of an Apex with an earring.
Symbiote in a Jar Icon.png Symbiote in a Jar Decorative 50 A critter in a jar, daydreaming.
Tungsten Platform Icon.png Tungsten Platform Platform 0 Strong platforms made from tungsten.
Wall Panel Icon.png Wall Panel Block 0 A sleek metal wall panel.
Wireless Generator Icon.png Wireless Generator Decorative 60 A wireless energy supply.
Wooden Padded Chair Icon.png Wooden Padded Chair Furniture 75 A basic wooden chair.