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An entrance gate into a Human Prison.
Human Prison is a prison themed dungeon filled with USCM convicts and mutineers. Prisoners are armed with both melee weapons and firearms and will attack on sight. The gate leading inside is clearly marked with a sign indicating "USCM Penal Colony". The prison is segmented into multiple buildings linked by fenced off courtyards. Upon reading the graffiti covering the prison walls, one can safely assume the prison guards abandoned their posts. The convicts were told that they would return, but they did not (given the USCM's dissolution), leaving the prisoners to fend for themselves. Some of the reading material found in prisons indicates they were fertile ground for Occasus recruitment.

USCM prisons can appear on any planet type except moons, liquid, barren, or garden planets.

The code for the /placedungeon command is humanprison, with the usual warning of its dangers.

Unique Treasure

Basic treasure can be found in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests. There are no unique items tied to valuable treasure chests though Molotovs appear at greater rates.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



If enough tagged dungeon objects are placed together with a Colony Deed a unique Convict villager tenant can be summoned.

See the Humanprison tag detail page for a complete listing of tagged objects.{| class="gametable" id="tenanttable" ! ! Name ! Type (lvl) ! Race ! Dungeon ! Required Object Types (Boxes) ! Rent Chances ! Rent Timeframe |-

Prisoner Tenant.png

|Convict |Villager |Human |Human Prison |Humanprison (24) |Villager |15 to 30 minutes |}


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
'Waz' Graffiti Icon.png 'Waz' Graffiti Decorative 0 Waz.
Alert Light Icon.png Alert Light Light Source 50 The flashing light is meant to signal that there's been some sort of emergency...
Barbed Wire Icon.png Barbed Wire Trap 75 Ouch! I shouldn't get too close to that.
Barred Door Icon.png Barred Door Door 95 A door made of thick metal bars.
Barrel Fire Icon.png Barrel Fire Crafting Station 85 Fire in a rusted-out barrel.
Basic Toilet Icon.png Basic Toilet Furniture 75 A normal looking toilet! Thank the stars!
Broken Supply Cabinet Icon.png Broken Supply Cabinet Storage 125 Looks like it used to be filled with medical supplies - not any more.
Bunker Vent Icon.png Bunker Vent Decorative 90 Sterile, recycled air whirs through the fanblades at a steady pace.
Cafeteria Table Icon.png Cafeteria Table Furniture 100 Just a typical cafeteria table.
Calming Poster Icon.png Calming Poster Decorative 90 There is no need to be upset.
Cell Block Sign Icon.png Cell Block Sign Decorative 60 The sign says, "Cell Block".
Chained Metal Bed Icon.png Chained Metal Bed Furniture 105 A cold, hard slab of metal meant to serve as a bed.
Decorative Support Beam Icon.png Decorative Support Beam Decorative 60 A decorative gothic corner.
Dirty Mattress Icon.png Dirty Mattress Furniture 95 This mattress is filthy! I swear I just saw something crawling around inside.
Dirty Toilet Icon.png Dirty Toilet Furniture 85 Looks like someone had a rough night.
Display Light Icon.png Display Light Light Source 75 A directional light used to illuminate items on display.
Dripping Prison Shower Icon.png Dripping Prison Shower Decorative 55 A shower. Perfect for a clean getaway.
Electric Light Icon.png Electric Light Light Source 45 A cheap electric light.
Event Memo Icon.png Event Memo Decorative 20 Inmate #2162's Study Group for Criminals Who Can't Read Good
Eye Scanner Icon.png Eye Scanner Wire 90 A device to scan eyeballs and match them to personnel data.
Fingerprint Scanner Icon.png Fingerprint Scanner Wire 90 It scans fingerprints and matches them to personnel data.
Floodlights Icon.png Floodlights Light Source 105 If I look at these lights any longer, I'll probably go blind.
Fluorescent Light Icon.png Fluorescent Light Light Source 75 Bright fluorescent light.
Force Cell Icon.png Force Cell Furniture 150 Some sort of solitary confinement device, maybe?
Gothic Arch Icon.png Gothic Arch Decorative 100 An ornate gothic arch.
Graffiti Icon.png Graffiti Decorative 0 Graffiti. The writer seems somewhat peeved.
Graffiti (2) Icon.png Graffiti (2) Decorative 0 Graffiti. A harsh warning. Ignore it.
Graffiti Icon.png Graffiti (get out) Decorative 0 The words "get out" have been written in blood. You can tell the writer was serious.
Graffiti Icon.png Graffiti (skull) Decorative 0 A crudely-drawn skull. It looks cheerful.
Graffiti Icon.png Graffiti (turn back) Decorative 0 Graffiti reading "turn back". Chances of it being adhered to: zero.
Horizonal Metal Grates Icon.png Horizonal Metal Grates Decorative 55 Rusted metal grates meant for ventilation.
Iron Chest Icon.png Iron Chest Storage 70 A basic iron chest.
Large Broken Mirror Icon.png Large Broken Mirror Decorative 100 Looks like someone had a case of the Mondays.
Lightbulb (Hanging) Icon.png Lightbulb (Hanging) Light Source 60 A bare lightbulb hanging from a metal rod in the ceiling.
Loudspeakers Icon.png Loudspeakers Decorative 50 It's a set of loudspeakers through which people speak loudly.
Mess Hall Sign Icon.png Mess Hall Sign Decorative 60 The sign says, "Mess Hall".
Metal Barrel Icon.png Metal Barrel Decorative 50 A generic metal barrel. It's sealed.
Metal Bench Icon.png Metal Bench Furniture 110 A simple bench, save for the fact that the legs are nailed to the floor.
Metal Ceiling Lamp Icon.png Metal Ceiling Lamp Light Source 90 A metallic ceiling lamp.
Metal Ceiling Lamp (2) Icon.png Metal Ceiling Lamp (2) Light Source 75 A metallic ceiling lamp.
Metal Crate Icon.png Metal Crate Storage 75 A metal crate.
Metal Folding Chair Icon.png Metal Folding Chair Furniture 75 An uncomfortable-looking chair.
Metal Office Desk Icon.png Metal Office Desk Decorative 85 An office desk with a built-in monitor. Looks like someone was doing some coding.
Metal Table Icon.png Metal Table Furniture 85 A simple metal table.
Modern Sliding Door Icon.png Modern Sliding Door Door 95 This sliding door makes me feel like I'm in a sci-fi game...
Motivational Poster Icon.png Motivational Poster Decorative 70 That's not very encouraging.
Notice Icon.png Notice Decorative 20 A notice written in ink.
Old Radiator Icon.png Old Radiator Decorative 55 The space heater emits a low, unpleasant hum.
Pipe Fence Icon.png Pipe Fence Decorative 50 A fence fashioned out of heavy metal pipes.
Rusty Filing Cabinet Icon.png Rusty Filing Cabinet Storage 100 There were some office supplies and inmate files in this filing cabinet.
Rusty Metal Icon.png Rusty Metal Block 0 Old metal encrusted with rust.
Rusty Shower Icon.png Rusty Shower Decorative 55 A shower. Perfect for a clean getaway. If the water was actually clean.
Security Camera Icon.png Security Camera Light Source 90 A security camera. An all-seeing eye.
Security Camera Station Icon.png Security Camera Station Light Source 150 A set of monitors displaying the feeds from security cameras. Watch out for paranormal activity.
Security Control Panel Icon.png Security Control Panel Wire 245 A control panel that appears to operate lights, doors and alarms.
Small Broken Floodlight Icon.png Small Broken Floodlight Light Source 70 A flickering light to set that creepy mood.
Small Broken Mirror Icon.png Small Broken Mirror Decorative 50 Looks like someone had a case of the Mondays.
Small Floodlight Icon.png Small Floodlight Light Source 75 It feels like I'm on stage!
Small Prison Locker Icon.png Small Prison Locker Storage 160 A good place to stash contraband.
Small Turbine Icon.png Small Turbine Decorative 55 It's a turbine. Y'know, for science.
Tall Chain-link Fence Icon.png Tall Chain-link Fence Decorative 110 It's a chain-link fence.
Tall Prison Locker Icon.png Tall Prison Locker Storage 100 A good place to stash contraband.
Torture Bed Icon.png Torture Bed Furniture 150 A torture bed. Terrifying! Thank goodness for the pillow.
USCM Penal Colony Panel Icon.png USCM Penal Colony Panel Light Source 105 The panel displays information about interacting with prisoners...
USCM Penal Colony Sign Icon.png USCM Penal Colony Sign Decorative 100 USCM, huh? I wouldn't wanna be one of their prisoners.
USCM Sign Icon.png USCM Sign Decorative 80 What does USCM stand for, again?
USCM Television Monitors Icon.png USCM Television Monitors Decorative 70 A set of three TV monitors facing in different directions.'
USCM Torn Memo Icon.png USCM Torn Memo Decorative 20 The paper is ripped and the words are smudged.
Upright Torture Bed Icon.png Upright Torture Bed Furniture 90 A torture bed. Terrifying! Thank goodness for the pillow.
Vending Machine Icon.png Vending Machine Decorative 150 Ooh, what should I get?
Vertical Metal Grates Icon.png Vertical Metal Grates Decorative 55 Rusted metal grates meant for ventilation.
Vertical Rusted Girder Icon.png Vertical Rusted Girder Decorative 70 Rusty old girder beams - can't be too safe.
Water Cooler Icon.png Water Cooler Decorative 60 It's one of those drinking machines people use to make small-talk.
Wide Rusty Filing Cabinet Icon.png Wide Rusty Filing Cabinet Storage 160 There were some office supplies and inmate files in this filing cabinet.
Wrecked Platform Icon.png Wrecked Platform Platform 0 Rusty scaffolding. It doesn't look safe.