Hylotl Surface City

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A Shop in a Hylotl surface city.

Hylotl Surface City is the only type of Hylotl village which appears on Planets other than those of their favorite planet type, Ocean.

The architecture of the Hylotl Surface City closely resembles that of both the Hylotl Ruined Castle and the Hylotl Underwater Ruins, and some of the things that appear in those dungeons also appear in the surface city. Usually, there is also one house within the village which contains a bunch of objects which normally appear only in Hylotl Underwater Cities.

Hylotl Surface Cities can be found on any planet type aside from moons, barren planets, any ocean worlds (including magma, arctic, and toxic), or garden planets. Hylotl Surface Cities don't have a specific planet type they're most likely to appear on.

The ID used by the /placedungeon command is 'hylotlcity' (Warning: placing a dungeon may cause some objects to disappear and animals will also appear within the dungeon)

Unique Treasure

Basic treasure can be found in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Ancient Library Codex Icon.png Ancient Library Codex Decorative 300 An ancient tome that catalogues of all the Hylotl books in the galaxy.
Bar Stool Icon.png Bar Stool Furniture 70 A wobbly bar stool.
Blue Arcade Machine Icon.png Blue Arcade Machine Decorative 105 The machine runs a game called 'Psychedelic Rodeo Melee'.
Blue Vending Machine Icon.png Blue Vending Machine Decorative 135 A vending machine filled with popular beverages.
Blue Wall Shelf Icon.png Blue Wall Shelf Decorative 70 A blue shelf used for displaying items.
Classic Desk (Hylotl) Icon.png Classic Desk (Hylotl) Storage 140 A classic style desk.
Classic Vase Icon.png Classic Vase Breakable 55 A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable.
Comfy Traditional Bed Icon.png Comfy Traditional Bed Furniture 125 Legend has it that if you spend the night in this bed, you'll lose consciousness.
Empty Cordial Bottle Icon.png Empty Cordial Bottle Breakable 5 An empty bottle of avesmingo cordial.
Empty Fancy Water Bottle Icon.png Empty Fancy Water Bottle Breakable 5 An empty bottle of fancy water.
Flower Bed Icon.png Flower Bed Furniture 110 A beautiful flower bed. Watch out for bees!
Flower Bed (2) Icon.png Flower Bed (2) Furniture 110 A beautiful flower bed. Watch out for bees!
Football Icon.png Football Decorative 30 A classic football...or soccer ball, if you prefer.
Friendly Hylotl Sign Icon.png Friendly Hylotl Sign Decorative 60 A cheery welcome sign meant for Hylotl-owned shops.
Hourglass Icon.png Hourglass Decorative 50 A digital hourglass. It's stuck in a constant state.
Hylotl "Croak" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Croak" Calligraphy Decorative 60 Framed calligraphy for 'croak'.
Hylotl "Leap" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Leap" Calligraphy Decorative 60 Framed calligraphy for 'leap'.
Hylotl "Ribbit" Calligraphy Icon.png Hylotl "Ribbit" Calligraphy Decorative 60 Framed calligraphy for 'ribbit'.
Hylotl City Poster Icon.png Hylotl City Poster Decorative 70 A framed poster of a city.
Hylotl Emblem Icon.png Hylotl Emblem Decorative 60 It's a common emblem for the Hylotl. Three crystals representing their three eyes...
Hylotl Library Model Icon.png Hylotl Library Model Decorative 400 An intricate handmade paper model of a Hylotl library. There's little paper bookcases inside!
Hylotl Store Shelf Icon.png Hylotl Store Shelf Decorative 90 The shelf is packed with all kinds of Hylotl goods.
Large Fancy Vase Icon.png Large Fancy Vase Breakable 75 A large decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable.
Lily Pad Clock Icon.png Lily Pad Clock Decorative 50 A clock in the shape of a lily pad.
Medieval Bucket Icon.png Medieval Bucket Decorative 50 There's a hole in this bucket.
Medieval Plate Icon.png Medieval Plate Decorative 30 A plate. It's gathering dust here.
Medium Bongo Icon.png Medium Bongo Decorative 75 A bongo drum fashioned out of leather and wood.
Neon Open Sign Icon.png Neon Open Sign Decorative 90 A neon "open" sign.
Numi Poster Icon.png Numi Poster [[:Category:|]]
Ornate Flooring Icon.png Ornate Flooring Block 0 Delightful ornate flooring.
Ornate Lantern Icon.png Ornate Lantern Light Source 85 This ornate lamp flickers softly.
Ornate Platform Icon.png Ornate Platform Platform 0 Nicely finished ornate, wooden platforms.
Ornate Roof Block Icon.png Ornate Roof Block Block 0 Traditional looking ornate roofing.
Ornate Tiles Icon.png Ornate Tiles Block 0 Exquisite ornate roof tiles.
Ornate Wood Icon.png Ornate Wood Block 0 Expertly treated ornate wood.
Pagoda Aquarium Icon.png Pagoda Aquarium Decorative 550 A grand looking aquarium, with a small scale Hylotl pagoda model on top.
Paper Lantern Icon.png Paper Lantern Light Source 75 A paper ceiling lamp.
Sale Sign Icon.png Sale Sign Decorative 70 A banner advertising a sale. Everybody loves sales!
Shoji Screen Panel Icon.png Shoji Screen Panel Block 0 A traditional screen panel.
Small Fancy Vase Icon.png Small Fancy Vase Breakable 40 A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable.
Store Cash Register Icon.png Store Cash Register Storage 60 Ka-ching!
Timber Icon.png Timber Block 0 Wood that has been prepared for building and crafting.
Traditional Bookcase Icon.png Traditional Bookcase Storage 125 A master work of craftsmanship. Beautiful.
Traditional Bowl Icon.png Traditional Bowl Decorative 20 A simple striped bowl.
Traditional Fancy Chair Icon.png Traditional Fancy Chair Furniture 75 A high-class wooden chair, is it intended for important figures.
Traditional Low Table Icon.png Traditional Low Table Furniture 85 A table set at kneeling height.
Traditional Paper Lantern Icon.png Traditional Paper Lantern Light Source 75 A paper ceiling lamp.
Traditional Shoji Door Icon.png Traditional Shoji Door Door 95 A shoji screen door.
Traditional Square Cabinet Icon.png Traditional Square Cabinet Storage 80 A wooden cabinet. Its doors are full of etched decoration.
Traditional Table Icon.png Traditional Table Furniture 105 A traditional style table.
Traditional Water Feature Icon.png Traditional Water Feature Decorative 145 This water feature is perfect for the home, garden, or interstellar dojo.
Traditional Wave Painting Icon.png Traditional Wave Painting Decorative 70 It's a painting of a great big wave.
Traditional Wooden Post Icon.png Traditional Wooden Post Light Source 105 A decorative wooden post with a lantern in it.
Urban Trash Can Icon.png Urban Trash Can Storage 60 A garbage bin.
Warning Poster Icon.png Warning Poster Decorative 50 It's a warning to anyone who cares to read it.
Warrior Movie Poster Icon.png Warrior Movie Poster Decorative 70 A framed poster from the movie "Fiery Blade Crusader".
White Flower Icon.png White Flower Decorative 50 A pretty white flower in a pot.
Window Lattice Icon.png Window Lattice Block 0 A simple lattice made of wood.
Wooden Aquarium Icon.png Wooden Aquarium Decorative 70 Look! Fishies!
Wooden Chest Icon.png Wooden Chest Storage 70 A basic wooden chest.
Wooden Desk Icon.png Wooden Desk Furniture 100 An expensive-looking wooden desk.
Wooden Support Icon.png Wooden Support Decorative 5 A worn wooden support.
Wooden Window Icon.png Wooden Window Block 0 A window with wooden panes.
Zen Rock Icon.png Zen Rock Decorative A stone perfect for alien zen gardens.