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Novakid Villages are a friendly Novakid themed village made up of small homes, saloons and other small structures. This village type was added in update 1.1.0.

These villages can be found on any planet type aside from moons, any ocean worlds (including magma, arctic, and toxic), or garden planets. There are no specific planet types they're more likely to occur on.

The ID used by the /placedungeon command is 'novakidvillage' (Warning: placing a dungeon may cause some objects to disappear and animals will also appear within the dungeon)

It is currently the only village type dungeon with a hostile NPC in it, as sometimes hostile Novakid bandits can be found behind bars in them.


Basic treasure can be found in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Burlap Sack Icon.png Burlap Sack Decorative 60 An ordinary burlap sack.
Cabin Roofing Icon.png Cabin Roofing Block 0 Simple roofing for a cabin.
Candle Icon.png Candle Light Source 45 A small wax candle in a holder.
Chained Metal Bed Icon.png Chained Metal Bed Furniture 105 A cold, hard slab of metal meant to serve as a bed.
Classic Baseboard Icon.png Classic Baseboard Block 0 This baseboard completes the classic home look.
Classic Wallpaper Icon.png Classic Wallpaper Block 0 Some classy wallpaper, the perfect finishing touch.
Empty Root Pop Bottle Icon.png Empty Root Pop Bottle Breakable 5 An empty bottle of dandelion root pop.
Farm Tools Icon.png Farm Tools Decorative 90 A spade, a rake and a broom for all sorts of back-breaking farm work.
Frontier Bed Icon.png Frontier Bed Furniture 125 A sturdy wooden bed with mooshi hide sheets.
Frontier Chair Icon.png Frontier Chair Furniture 95 A wooden chair with mooshi hide cushioning.
Frontier Coffin Icon.png Frontier Coffin Decorative 70 A rough wooden coffin. Luckily, no-one's inside!
Frontier Door Icon.png Frontier Door Door 95 A wooden door, emblazoned with an iron emblem on both sides.
Frontier Furnace Icon.png Frontier Furnace Crafting Station 160 An old copper and brass furnace.
Frontier Gramophone Icon.png Frontier Gramophone Decorative 90 A charming record player, playing an old tune.
Frontier Grandfather Clock Icon.png Frontier Grandfather Clock Decorative 120 An old-fashioned standing clock, with a polished brass pendulum.
Frontier Hat Rack Icon.png Frontier Hat Rack Decorative 50 A decorative set of brass horns.
Frontier Iron Symbol Icon.png Frontier Iron Symbol Decorative 50 A decorative iron symbol.
Frontier Lamp Icon.png Frontier Lamp Light Source 90 A hanging gas lamp with a red glass cover.
Frontier Lamp Post Icon.png Frontier Lamp Post Light Source 100 A wrought iron lamp post with a gas lit flame.
Frontier Mooshi Painting Icon.png Frontier Mooshi Painting Decorative 800 A painting of a proud mooshi against a setting sun.
Frontier Plains Painting Icon.png Frontier Plains Painting Decorative 900 A detailed painting of a beautiful landscape.
Frontier Water Pump Icon.png Frontier Water Pump Decorative 55 A brass water pump that used to pump water, back when it was functioning.
Frontier Windmill Icon.png Frontier Windmill Decorative 240 A brass, wood and copper windmill, that spins in the direction of the wind.
Gear Icon.png Gear Decorative 45 A gear. Part of a well-oiled machine. Actually, it's a bit rusty.
Hay Pile Icon.png Hay Pile Decorative 70 A pile of hay. Probably not a great hiding place.
Hay Stack Icon.png Hay Stack Decorative 55 A neat bale of hay, ready for stacking.
Heavy Pipe Icon.png Heavy Pipe Block 0 A heavy pipe, commonly used in waste systems.
Heavy Stone Brick Icon.png Heavy Stone Brick Block 0 Strong stone slabs, perfect for building a castle.
Iron Lantern Icon.png Iron Lantern Light Source 20 A handy oil lantern. Careful not to spill it.
Iron Lever Icon.png Iron Lever Wire 30 A sturdy iron lever. Perfect for pulling.
Large Barrel Icon.png Large Barrel Storage 85 A barrel. Sadly not full party hats.
Medieval Bucket Icon.png Medieval Bucket Decorative 50 There's a hole in this bucket.
Medieval Cell Door Icon.png Medieval Cell Door Door 95 A dungeon cell door, built to hold even the strongest prisoner.
Medieval Counter Icon.png Medieval Counter Furniture 105 Ye olde counter.
Medieval Fireplace Icon.png Medieval Fireplace Light Source 145 A stone fireplace. A good way to warm a cold castle.
Medieval Plate Icon.png Medieval Plate Decorative 30 A plate. It's gathering dust here.
Medieval Wall Clock Icon.png Medieval Wall Clock Decorative 85 A small clock with a pendulum. It ticks and tocks but the hands never move.
Medieval Wall Shelf Icon.png Medieval Wall Shelf Decorative 45 A wooden wall shelf for displaying trinkets.
Metal Bars Icon.png Metal Bars Block 0 Closely spaced thick metal bars.
Metal Railing Icon.png Metal Railing Block 0 A riveted metal wall.
Ornate Flooring Icon.png Ornate Flooring Block 0 Delightful ornate flooring.
Ornate Platform Icon.png Ornate Platform Platform 0 Nicely finished ornate, wooden platforms.
Ornate Wood Icon.png Ornate Wood Block 0 Expertly treated ornate wood.
Outhouse Icon.png Outhouse Furniture 125 An outhouse! Enjoy!
Picture Stand Icon.png Picture Stand Decorative 150 A novelty cowboy picture stand.
Primitive Stove Icon.png Primitive Stove Crafting Station 70 A very basic cooking pot suspended over a campfire.
Rustic Bench Icon.png Rustic Bench Furniture 125 A beautiful rustic bench.
Rustic Oven Icon.png Rustic Oven Crafting Station 70 Crackling quietly, the smell of hickory smoke is delightful.
Safe Icon.png Safe Storage 90 An small, sturdy iron safe.
Saloon Bar Icon.png Saloon Bar Furniture 280 A polished bar top, complete with three stools.
Saloon Cabinet Icon.png Saloon Cabinet Storage 240 A drinks cabinet, stocked with glassware and odd-shaped bottles.
Saloon Chair Icon.png Saloon Chair Furniture 75 An uncomfortable-looking saloon chair.
Saloon Door Icon.png Saloon Door Door 95 A swinging saloon door to keep those pesky tumbleweeds outside.
Saloon Light Icon.png Saloon Light Light Source 60 An electric wall sconce.
Saloon Sign Icon.png Saloon Sign Decorative 100 A painted wooden sign for saloons.
Saloon Spittoon Icon.png Saloon Spittoon Decorative 50 Eughh.
Saloon Table Icon.png Saloon Table Furniture 105 A richly-stained table fit for an old Western.
Saloon Tumbler Icon.png Saloon Tumbler Decorative 30 A dirty-looking glass tumbler.
Secure Wooden Crate Icon.png Secure Wooden Crate Storage 75 A secured wooden crate.
Sewer Tank Icon.png Sewer Tank Decorative 140 A tank filled with an unknown substance. Probably very lethal.
Simple Wooden Stool Icon.png Simple Wooden Stool Furniture 55 A simple wooden stool.
Small Barrel Icon.png Small Barrel Storage 60 A barrel. Anything could be inside!
Small Stone Brick Icon.png Small Stone Brick Block 0 Small stone slabs, perfect for the finer details.
Small Wooden Crate Icon.png Small Wooden Crate Storage 75 A wooden crate.
Soft Brick Icon.png Soft Brick Block 0 Soft faded brick.
Steam Clock Face Icon.png Steam Clock Face Decorative 215 A nice steam powered large clock face.
Tall Wooden Cabinet Icon.png Tall Wooden Cabinet Storage 160 A sturdy wooden cabinet.
Timber Icon.png Timber Block 0 Wood that has been prepared for building and crafting.
Treated Wood Icon.png Treated Wood Block 0 Carefully treated wood that maintains a freshly chopped appearance.
Tungsten Chain Icon.png Tungsten Chain Block 0 Tungsten chains, and not the fun kind.
Wagon Wheel Icon.png Wagon Wheel Decorative 120 A decorative wooden wagon wheel.
Wall Shackles Icon.png Wall Shackles Decorative 60 These iron shackles may make escaping from prison inconvenient.
Wanted Poster Icon.png Wanted Poster Decorative 55 A faded poster, offering a bounty from long ago.
Wheelbarrow Icon.png Wheelbarrow Decorative 160 A wheelbarrow for transporting goods.
Wood Panelling Icon.png Wood Panelling Block 0 This wood panelling was fashionable in a distant era.
Wooden Bookcase Icon.png Wooden Bookcase Storage 160 A tall wooden bookcase full of books.
Wooden Bridge Block Icon.png Wooden Bridge Block Block 0 The wood is very old and creaks in the wind.
Wooden Chair Icon.png Wooden Chair Furniture 10 An uncomfortable-looking wooden chair.
Wooden Crate Icon.png Wooden Crate Storage 75 A small wooden crate.
Wooden Desk Icon.png Wooden Desk Furniture 100 An expensive-looking wooden desk.
Wooden End Table Icon.png Wooden End Table Storage 85 A cute wooden end table.
Wooden Log Icon.png Wooden Log Block 0 A wooden log. Good for building simple structures.
Wooden Padded Chair Icon.png Wooden Padded Chair Furniture 75 A basic wooden chair.
Wooden Support Icon.png Wooden Support Decorative 5 A worn wooden support.
Wooden Table Icon.png Wooden Table Furniture 15 A basic wooden table.
Wooden Window Icon.png Wooden Window Block 0 A window with wooden panes.
Workshop Tools Icon.png Workshop Tools Decorative 70 Common, workshop tools used for quick repairs.