Glitch Castle

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A Glitch castle balcony.
Glitch Castles are a friendly Glitch themed settlement made up of a large castle, adorned with large banners and friendly Glitch. Castles with black banners look similar, but are actually hostile Glitch Evil Fortresses.

Throughout most of beta these were hostile dungeons, but they were changed to friendly settlements with the addition of Glitch Evil Fortresses.

Castles can be found on any planet type aside from moons, any ocean worlds (including magma, arctic, and toxic), or garden planets. They are most likely to appear on volcanic planets over any other planet type.

The ID used by the /placedungeon command is 'glitchcastle' (Warning: placing a dungeon may cause some objects to disappear and animals will also appear within the dungeon)

Unique Treasure

Basic treasure can be found in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



If enough tagged dungeon objects are placed together with a Colony Deed a unique villager tenant can be summoned. There are a number of objects in this dungeon also found in Glitch Evil Fortresses; they share a tenant tag.

See the glitchcastle tag detail page for a complete listing of tagged objects.

Name Type (lvl) Race Dungeon Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Glitch Castle Tenant.png
Royal Glitch Villager Glitch Glitch Castle Glitchcastle (24) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Abstract Painting Icon.png Abstract Painting Decorative 900 A beautiful painting of the night sky.
Armed Display Armour Icon.png Armed Display Armour Decorative 125 Shiny armour stands armed and resolute.
Axe Display Icon.png Axe Display Decorative 80 These display axes look very sharp.
Ball and Chain Icon.png Ball and Chain Decorative 40 I wonder how heavy it is.
Battle Standard Icon.png Battle Standard Decorative 70 A chequered flag bearing an emblem.
Candle Icon.png Candle Light Source 45 A small wax candle in a holder.
Display Armour Icon.png Display Armour Decorative 100 Shiny armour stands resolute.
Fireplace Tools Icon.png Fireplace Tools Decorative 55 Tools used for poking at burning coals or kindling.
Glitchian Man Icon.png Glitchian Man Decorative 800 A rather detailed sketch of Glitch anatomy.
Glitchspeare Portrait Icon.png Glitchspeare Portrait Decorative 700 A portrait of William Glitchspeare.
Grey Hidden Switch Icon.png Grey Hidden Switch Wire 55 This floor tile looks different from the rest.
Handled Wicker Basket Icon.png Handled Wicker Basket Breakable 30 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside!
Heavy Stone Brick Icon.png Heavy Stone Brick Block 0 Strong stone slabs, perfect for building a castle.
Hidden Brick Trapdoor Icon.png Hidden Brick Trapdoor Door 140 Something isn't quite right with these bricks.
Juice Keg Icon.png Juice Keg Decorative 60 A keg full of juice. Mmm, juice!
Large Barrel Icon.png Large Barrel Storage 85 A barrel. Sadly not full party hats.
Large Bell Icon.png Large Bell Decorative 155 This bell must make quite a sound.
Large Glitch Banner Icon.png Large Glitch Banner Decorative 80 A beautifully woven banner.
Large Medieval Door Icon.png Large Medieval Door Door 145 A huge, intimidating door.
Large Portcullis Icon.png Large Portcullis Door 245 This massive iron portcullis closes with a thud.
Large Wicker Basket Icon.png Large Wicker Basket Breakable 30 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside!
Large Wooden Crate Icon.png Large Wooden Crate Storage 110 A wooden crate.
Medieval Bed Icon.png Medieval Bed Furniture 125 A firm bed with silky sheets.
Medieval Bookcase Icon.png Medieval Bookcase Storage 110 A bookcase for storing folk tales and legends...
Medieval Bowl Icon.png Medieval Bowl Decorative 40 A bowl. It doesn't look very clean.
Medieval Bucket Icon.png Medieval Bucket Decorative 50 There's a hole in this bucket.
Medieval Cabinet Icon.png Medieval Cabinet Storage 130 A charming and well-made wooden cabinet.
Medieval Cell Door Icon.png Medieval Cell Door Door 95 A dungeon cell door, built to hold even the strongest prisoner.
Medieval Chair Icon.png Medieval Chair Furniture 75 A hard chair, it would get uncomfortable pretty quickly.
Medieval Chandelier Icon.png Medieval Chandelier Light Source 105 An iron chandelier. A good way to light a large room.
Medieval Chest Icon.png Medieval Chest Storage 70 An old wooden chest, still going strong.
Medieval Codex Icon.png Medieval Codex Decorative 55 This book is full of strange illustrations.
Medieval Cooking Pot Icon.png Medieval Cooking Pot Crafting Station 125 This cooking pot expels the odour of a hundred hearty meals.
Medieval Cup Icon.png Medieval Cup Decorative 20 A dirty-looking wooden cup.
Medieval Desk Icon.png Medieval Desk Furniture 130 A nicely made wooden desk.
Medieval Door Icon.png Medieval Door Door 95 A strong and secure door.
Medieval Dresser Icon.png Medieval Dresser Storage 135 This dresser has a musty smell. It doesn't look very clean.
Medieval Fireplace Icon.png Medieval Fireplace Light Source 145 A stone fireplace. A good way to warm a cold castle.
Medieval Flagpole Icon.png Medieval Flagpole Decorative 70 A flagpole fit for topping any building.
Medieval Globe Icon.png Medieval Globe Decorative 60 A model of an unknown planet.
Medieval Hay Bed Icon.png Medieval Hay Bed Furniture 100 An extremely basic bed of hay.
Medieval Map Icon.png Medieval Map Decorative 90 A map of an unknown world.
Medieval Pedestal Icon.png Medieval Pedestal Decorative 70 A pedestal for putting your treasures on display.
Medieval Plate Icon.png Medieval Plate Decorative 30 A plate. It's gathering dust here.
Medieval Shelf Icon.png Medieval Shelf Decorative 100 An old wooden shelf.
Medieval Street Lamp Icon.png Medieval Street Lamp Light Source 120 It's an old street lamp. It gives off a little warmth.
Medieval Table Icon.png Medieval Table Furniture 110 Ye olde dining room table.
Medieval Torch Icon.png Medieval Torch Light Source 45 A solid iron torch with a gentle flickering flame.
Medieval Wall Clock Icon.png Medieval Wall Clock Decorative 85 A small clock with a pendulum. It ticks and tocks but the hands never move.
Medieval Weapon Rack Icon.png Medieval Weapon Rack Decorative 110 A rack full of fairly dull iron swords.
Mounted Horn Banner Icon.png Mounted Horn Banner Decorative 400 A ceremonial horn that holds a woven banner.
Ornate Royal Bed Icon.png Ornate Royal Bed Furniture 245 A beautiful bed made of shiny gold.
Persistence of Pixels Icon.png Persistence of Pixels Decorative 900 A bit of Glitch surrealism.
Pile of Books Icon.png Pile of Books Block 0 A pile of dusty old books, they're full of tales of dragons and knights.
Roof Tiles Icon.png Roof Tiles Block 0 Weathered roof tiles. Their shape makes me feel uneasy.
Royal Bookcase Icon.png Royal Bookcase Decorative 155 A monarchs bookcase... let's find out what royalty reads.
Royal Cabinet Icon.png Royal Cabinet Storage 125 Valuable things should be stored here.
Royal Candles Icon.png Royal Candles Light Source 125 A royal glow.
Royal Chalice Icon.png Royal Chalice Decorative 40 A royal chalice, for filling a royal mouth with royal beverages.
Royal Chest Icon.png Royal Chest Storage 100 This chest itself is a treasure, let alone the contents.
Royal Decree Icon.png Royal Decree Decorative 500 This royal decree makes note of a keep, where treasures lay under watchful guard.
Royal Dining Table Icon.png Royal Dining Table Furniture 180 A fancy feasting table.
Royal Throne Icon.png Royal Throne Furniture 105 A throne fit for royal buttocks.
Royal Toilet Icon.png Royal Toilet Furniture 105 ... Another throne.
Small Barrel Icon.png Small Barrel Storage 60 A barrel. Anything could be inside!
Small Glitch Banner Icon.png Small Glitch Banner Decorative 55 A beautifully woven banner.
Small Stone Brick Icon.png Small Stone Brick Block 0 Small stone slabs, perfect for the finer details.
Small Wicker Basket Icon.png Small Wicker Basket Breakable 20 A tiny basket made of wicker.
Small Wooden Crate Icon.png Small Wooden Crate Storage 75 A wooden crate.
Sword Display Icon.png Sword Display Decorative 60 These display swords could be dangerous in the wrong hands.
Tall Wicker Basket Icon.png Tall Wicker Basket Breakable 25 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside!
Wall Shackles Icon.png Wall Shackles Decorative 60 These iron shackles may make escaping from prison inconvenient.
Wall Shackles (switch) Icon.png Wall Shackles (switch) Wire 105 One of these shackles looks suspicious...
White Stone Bishop Icon.png White Stone Bishop Decorative 55 A white bishop from an oversized chess set.
White Stone King Icon.png White Stone King Decorative 55 A white king from an oversized chess set.
White Stone Knight Icon.png White Stone Knight Decorative 55 A white knight from an oversized chess set.
White Stone Pawn Icon.png White Stone Pawn Decorative 50 A white pawn from an oversized chess set.
White Stone Queen Icon.png White Stone Queen Decorative 55 A white queen from an oversized chess set.
White Stone Rook Icon.png White Stone Rook Decorative 55 A white rook from an oversized chess set.
Wide Wicker Basket Icon.png Wide Wicker Basket Breakable 25 A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside!