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Moon Planet.png
Threat: Unknown Weather
Star types: All Clear.pngGlowingrain.pngSmallmeteorstorm.png
EPP Required: Status Airless.png Breathing EPP
Mini Biomes: None
Secondary Biomes: None
Moon Planet Surface.png
The surface of a moon.
Moon is a primary biome type characterized by airless worlds with no plant or animal life. Moons are classified at an 'Unknown' threat level. Because moons have no atmosphere, there is no color in the sky, simply a view of nearby planets and stars day and night. This lack of air can be deadly to unprepared players; those not in a mech and without an EPP equipped in their back armor slot will quickly run out of air and eventually suffocate.

The primary reason to travel to moons is to gather fuel for interstellar travel. An abundance of glowing crystal erchius fuel is located on the surface, with even greater veins of crystal and and liquid erchius fuel underground. However, moons feature an environmental hazard called Spooked, and when a player carries or picks up any type of erchius on a moon, they will begin to attract the attention of an Erchius Ghost, a monster that is "intractably deadly" regardless of the player's progression level. Aside from ghosts, there are no other monsters or NPCs to encounter, nor are there any secondary biomes, mini-biomes, or dungeons to be found.

Compared to other planets, moons feature low gravity, which effectively increases player jump height and slows fall acceleration. No music tracks play while the player is on a moon, though ambient noises still occur.

Moons can be found orbiting all star types. Most systems have at least one moon, orbiting either a planet or a gas giant. (See Stars for exact information on the chances of moons appearing in a given system.) Moons can be terraformed, and doing so will remove the Spooked environmental hazard, and therefore eliminate the threat of Erchius Ghosts.

Navigation Console

  • This moon supports no life and has no atmosphere. However, fuel is abundant here - scans indicate that there is a wealth of it buried below the surface.
  • This vacant moon has no breathable atmosphere, but there are caverns below ground that contain vast fuel deposits. In summation: useful, but not enticing.
  • A lonely moon with no breathable atmosphere; the sky is open to the stars, there is fuel below the ground. Likelihood of feeling lonesome and desolate: 92%.


The surface layer of moons is primarily made up of moondust, along with moonrock and moonstone. The color of the moon in the navigation console closely matches the hue the materials on the moon will have.

Moons do not have a lava core; instead, their cores are made of very hard stone called Dead Core. When you are deep down and your camera will not go any further, you are at the core. If you touch the bottom edge you'll die instantly, but due to how tough Dead Core is, it would take a very long time to even reach the bottom edge of the world.

Crystal Erchius Fuel and Liquid Erchius Fuel can be seen glowing faintly purple beneath the ground. Liquid Erchius is found in greater abundance in caves below ground, while ore can often be found near the surface.

Primary material Sub materials Geological materials

Sub Biomes

Moon planets do not have any sub biomes which appear, and moons do not appear as a sub biome on any other planet types.

Mini Biomes

There are no mini-biomes found on the surface or underground on moons.


Moons have a fairly boring layer composition, though unlike Barren planets, it's very hard to accidentally tunnel down to death at the bottom of the core.

  • Space: Barren Asteroids (Copper, Silver and Gold ores appear here, but no monsters spawn here)
  • Atmosphere: Void
  • Surface: Moon
  • Subsurface: Moon Underground
  • Shallow Underground: Moon Underground
  • Mid Underground: Moon Underground
  • Deep Underground: Moon Underground
  • Core: Moon Core Layer


Weather on moons is either clear, glowing rain, or meteor shower. Weather happens for each planet based on the weights given to the weather types (probability is calculated by dividing a single weight by the sum of all weights); the probability for weather types on moons is as follows:

Clear.png Clear 0.7 (87.5%)
Glowingrain.png Glowing Rain 0.07 (8.75%)
Smallmeteorstorm.png Meteor Shower 0.03 (3.75%)

Wild Crops

There are no wild crops unique to moons, and since there are no mini or sub biomes there's no chance of finding any crops of any kind on the surface.


There's only one monster type found on moons: the Erchius Ghost. These monsters are unique to moon biomes, and cannot be found on other planet types. They'll pursue the player, draining life if they get too close. They cannot be killed, but move slowly enough so they can be avoided. The more fuel the player collects, the faster they move. With about 3000 Items of fuel, they move about as fast as the player running on foot. Ghosts act as a limiting factor on player fuel collection.

There are no critters or bugs which can be found on moons.

Unique Monsters
Erchius Ghost.png
Erchius Ghost

Unique Drops

There are no drops unique to moons.


There are no villages or dungeons found on moons, as they're too harsh to support any type of settlements.


No village types have a chance of being found on moons.


No dungeons can be found on moons.