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Critters are small, passive monsters found on planets. They have a tiny amount of health and can be killed easily by friendly or hostile weapons.

Critters cannot be captured using capture pods, although they could during the early release. Instead, a Relocator is required to capture them. Using this tool, the player can teleport up to three critters into the Relocator, then carry them safely and place them back into a world at a later time. After being released from the Relocator, critters will behave normally. Relocators can capture all capturable types of critters, including ground critters, wild fish, fish caught using a Fishing Rod, and flying critters.

Critters can be spawned with the admin command /spawnmonster [spawn name] [level]

  • For example: /spawnmonster ravencritter 6
Appearance Name Spawn Name Area Region Time Planet Types Mini-Biomes
Apex Scab.gif Apex Scab apexscabcritter Surface Exposed All Bones
Appo Float.gif Appo Float appofloatcritter Surface Exposed All Decayed
Arctic Fish.gif Arctic Fish arcticfishcritter Liquid All All Arctic Ocean Floor
Armadillo.gif Armadillo armadillocritter Surface All All Desert
Ash Rock.gif Ash Rock ashrockcritter Surface Exposed All Volcanic
Avian Scab.gif Avian Scab avianscabcritter Surface Exposed All Bones
Balloon.gif Balloon ballooncritter Surface Exposed All Toxic
Big Worm.gif Big Worm bigwormcritter Surface Exposed All Midnight, Tentacle
Bird.gif Bird birdcritter Surface Exposed Day Garden, Forest, Jungle Spring
Blip.gif Blip blipcritter Surface Exposed All Forest
Blood Toad.gif Blood Toad bloodtoadcritter Surface Exposed All Flesh
Blue Butterfly.gif Blue Butterfly bluebutterflycritter
Bounce Bag.gif Bounce Bag bouncebagcritter Surface All Day Alien
Bouncer.gif Bouncer bouncercritter Surface Exposed All Toxic
Bow Bird.gif Bow Bird bowbirdcritter Surface Exposed All Desert Colourful, Oasis
Breaker.gif Breaker breakercritter Surface Exposed All Arid
Breaker Female.gif Breaker Female breakerfemalecritter Surface Exposed All Arid
Bunny Critter.gif Bunny bunnycritter Surface All All Garden, Tundra, Snow
Cell 1.gif Cell 1 cellcritter Surface All All Tentacle
Cell 2.gif Cell 2 cell2critter Surface All All Tentacle
Char Fish.gif Char Fish charfishcritter Liquid All All Arctic Ocean Floor
Chev.gif Chev chevcritter Surface Exposed All Jungle
Cicle Snail.gif Cicle Snail ciclesnailcritter Surface Exposed All Frozen
Cliff.gif Cliff cliffcritter Surface Exposed All Alpine
Crab.gif Crab crabcritter Surface Exposed All Ocean
Crystal Bird.gif Crystal Bird crystalbirdcritter Surface Exposed All Frozen
Crystal Tortoise.gif Crystal Tortoise crystaltortoisecritter Surface Exposed All Frozen
Dancer.gif Dancer dancercritter Surface Exposed All Arctic
Dark Ball.gif Dark Ball darkballcritter Surface Exposed All Midnight
Dark One Eye.gif Dark One Eye darkoneeyecritter Surface Exposed All Midnight
Dark Three Eyes.gif Dark Three Eyes darkthreeeyescritter Surface Exposed All Midnight
Dark Worm.gif Dark Worm darkwormcritter Surface Exposed All Midnight
Darkness Scab.gif Darkness Scab darknessscabcritter Surface Exposed All Midnight
Dart.gif Dart dartcritter Surface Exposed All Midnight
Desert Tortoise.gif Desert Tortoise deserttortoisecritter Surface Exposed All Oasis
Egg Cell.gif Egg Cell eggcellcritter Surface All All Tentacle
Eye Friend.gif Eye Friend eyefriendcritter Surface All All Eyepatch
Eye Pod.gif Eye Pod eyepodcritter Surface All All Eyepatch
Fire Krawl.gif Fire Krawl firekrawlcritter Surface Exposed All Volcanic
Fire Rock.gif Fire Rock firerockcritter Surface Exposed All Volcanic, Magma
Fish.gif Fish fishcritter Liquid All All All non-Ocean planets
Fish Berry.gif Fish Berry fishberrycritter Liquid All All Ocean
Fish Chili.gif Fish Chili fishchilicritter Liquid All All Ocean
Fish Eye.gif Fish Eye fisheyecritter Liquid All All Tentacle
Fish Lemon.gif Fish Lemon fishlemoncritter Liquid All All Ocean
Float Bag.gif Float Bag floatbagcritter Surface Exposed Day Alien
Floating Geode.gif Floating Geode floatinggeodecritter Surface Exposed All Geode
Floran Scab.gif Floran Scab floranscabcritter Surface Exposed All Bones
Flurl.gif Flurl flurlcritter Surface Exposed All Volcanic
Frog.gif Frog frogcritter Surface Enclosed All Jungle
Frogpole.gif Frogpole frogpolecritter Liquid All All Swamp
Frozen Owl.gif Frozen Owl frozenowlcritter Surface Exposed All Arctic
Glitch Scab.gif Glitch Scab glitchscabcritter Surface Exposed All Bones
Gloop.gif Gloop gloopcritter
Glowing Ball 1.gif Glowing Ball 1 glowingballcritter Surface Exposed Day Bioluminescence
Glowing Ball 2.gif Glowing Ball 2 glowingball2critter Surface Exposed Day Bioluminescence
Glowing Fish.gif Glowing Fish glowingfishcritter Liquid All All Bioluminescence
Groop.gif Groop groopcritter Surface Exposed All Desert
Gull.gif Gull gullcritter Surface Exposed Day Ocean
Hare.gif Hare harecritter Surface Exposed All Arid
Hazmat.gif Hazmat hazmatcritter Surface Exposed All Toxic
Hedgehog.gif Hedgehog hedgehogcritter Surface All Night Garden
Hollow.gif Hollow hollowcritter Surface Exposed All Frozen
Human Scab.gif Human Scab humanscabcritter Surface Exposed All Bones
Hylotl Scab.gif Hylotl Scab hylotlscabcritter Surface Exposed All Bones
Ice Scab.gif Ice Scab icescabcritter Surface Exposed All Arctic
Jello.gif Jello jellocritter Liquid All All Toxic Ocean Floor
Jelly Critter.gif Jelly jellycritter Liquid All All Ocean Ocean Floor
Krawl.gif Krawl krawlcritter Surface Exposed All Midnight
Large Geode.gif Large Geode largegeodecritter Surface Exposed All Geode
Leaf Scab.gif Leaf Scab leafscabcritter Surface Exposed All Colourful
Loopa.gif Loopa loopacritter Surface Exposed All Volcanic, Magma Foundry
Maggot.gif Maggot maggotcritter Surface Exposed All Flesh, Hive
Magma Worm.gif Magma Worm magmawormcritter Liquid Exposed All Volcanic, Magma
Mouse.gif Mouse mousecritter Surface Enclosed All Garden, Desert, Forest, Decayed Oasis, Tar
Narfish.gif Narfish narfishcritter Liquid All All Arctic Ocean Floor
Ore Nibbler.gif Ore Nibbler orenibblercritter Surface Exposed All Foundry
Owl.gif Owl owlcritter Surface Exposed All Forest
Penguin Scab.gif Penguin Scab penguinscabcritter Surface Exposed All Bones
Petal.gif Petal petalcritter Surface Exposed All Giant Flower
Poison Fish.gif Poison Fish poisonfishcritter Liquid All All Toxic Ocean Floor
Poofin.gif Poofin poofincritter Surface Exposed All Frozen
Prism Elemental.gif Prism Elemental prismelementalcritter Surface Exposed All Prism
Prism Scab.gif Prism Scab prismscabcritter Surface Exposed All Prism
Puffer Fish.gif Puffer Fish pufferfishcritter Liquid All All Toxic Ocean Floor
Quibble.gif Quibble quibblecritter Surface All All Snow
Raven.gif Raven ravencritter Surface Exposed All Desert, Decayed Tar
Reasonable.gif Reasonable reasonablecritter Surface Exposed Day Snow, Tundra
Red Breast.gif Red Breast redbreastcritter Surface Exposed Day Snow
Roly Poly.gif Roly Poly rolypolycritter Surface Exposed All Hive
Sack Bag.gif Sack Bag sackbagcritter Surface All Day Alien
Savy Bird.gif Savy Bird savybirdcritter Surface Exposed All Arid
Seal.gif Seal sealcritter Surface Exposed All Arctic
Skelly Fish.gif Skelly Fish skellyfishcritter Liquid All All Toxic Ocean Floor
Sky Wurm.gif Sky Wurm skywurmcritter Surface Exposed All Midnight
Slug.gif Slug slugcritter Surface Exposed All Colourful
Slug Blue.gif Slug Blue slugbluecritter Surface Exposed All Colourful
Slug Green.gif Slug Green sluggreencritter Surface Exposed All Colourful
Small Geode.gif Small Geode smallgeodecritter Surface Exposed All Geode
Snail.gif Snail snailcritter Surface Enclosed All Garden, Forest
Snake Critter.gif Snake snakecritter Surface Exposed All Arid Swamp
Snoogle.gif Snoogle snooglecritter Surface All All Alien Spring
Snore.gif Snore snorecritter Surface Exposed All Frozen
Snowb.gif Snowb snowbcritter Surface Exposed All Arctic
Snowflakes.gif Snowflakes snowflakescritter Surface Exposed All Frozen
Snowy Mole.gif Snowy Mole snowymolecritter Surface Exposed Day Frozen
Spider.gif Spider spidercritter Surface Exposed All Decayed
Spindy.gif Spindy spindycritter Surface Exposed All Volcanic
Sporeling.gif Sporeling sporelingcritter Surface Exposed All Forest Mushroom Patch
Squeek.gif Squeek squeekcritter Surface Exposed All Decayed Oasis
Squid.gif Squid squidcritter Liquid Exposed All Ocean Ocean Floor
Squirrel.gif Squirrel squirrelcritter Surface All All Forest
Steam Bird.gif Steam Bird steambirdcritter Surface Exposed All Steamspring
Steam Fish.gif Steam Fish steamfishcritter Liquid All All Steamspring
Steam Spider.gif Steam Spider steamspidercritter Surface Exposed All Steamspring
Swarm.gif Swarm swarmcritter Surface Exposed All Hive
Swarm Flying.gif Swarm Flying swarmflyingcritter Surface Exposed All Hive
Symbiote.gif Symbiote symbiotecritter Surface All All Alien
Tiny Crocodile.gif Tiny Crocodile tinycrocodilecritter Surface Exposed All Swamp
Tortoise.gif Tortoise tortoisecritter Surface All All Garden, Ocean
Tou.gif Tou toucritter Oasis
Toxic Crab.gif Toxic Crab toxiccrabcritter Surface Exposed All Toxic
Tritrots.gif Tritrots tritrotscritter Surface Exposed All Arid
Volcanic Flower.gif Volcanic Flower volcanicflowercritter Surface Exposed All Volcanic Foundry
Vulture.gif Vulture vulturecritter Surface Exposed All Arid, Bones, Decayed Flesh, Tar
Winter.gif Winter wintercritter Surface Exposed Day Snow Alpine
Wurm.gif Wurm wurmcritter Surface Exposed All Desert, Decayed
Yeti.gif Yeti yeticritter Surface Exposed All Snow Alpine
Note: Rate refers to block probability when creating the world. So .01 roughly means 1 per 100 blocks that meet the other criteria.


  • The three eyed raven critter is likely a reference to the same creature in Game of Thrones.
  • The name "Groop" is likely a portmanteau of "grass" and "Gloop", the name of another critter.
  • The three cell critters found on the mission to defeat The Ruin spawn new cells with unique behavior when killed.
    • "Cell 1" spawns two cells identical to itself.
    • "Cell 2" spawns a fast-moving version of itself.
    • "Egg Cell" spawns a flying version of itself.