Geode Mini Biome

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Geode is a mini biome found on Volcanic and Scorched planets. The grass and trees are made of crystals and there are large crystal geodes. Breaking these rocks open has a chance to drop geodes which can contain ore, decorative geodes and other geological trophies.

Pockets of Geode biome can be created via use of a Crystalline Microformer.

Biome Specific Objects


Primary Materials

Unique Drops

Wild Crops

Crops can be harvested by interacting with them or by digging them up. They'll drop produce and have a chance to drop a seed which can be replanted.


Unique Monsters
Small Geode.gif
Small Geode
Large Geode.gif
Large Geode
Floating Geode.gif
Floating Geode

Associated Tenants

Geode Tenant.png

Geode is an object tag associated with objects and furniture that are associated with Geode mini-biomes. These objects are used for spawning Geological Merchant tenants.

Expand to see a full list of tagged objects.

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Geode Bed Icon.png Geode Bed furniture 18 A bed carved inside of a giant geode. geode
Geode B Icon.png Geode B [[]] 6 A note carved from an orange musical geode. geode
Geode Light Icon.png Geode Light light 11 A light fashioned from a suspended glowing geode. geodelight
Geode Chair Icon.png Geode Chair furniture 12 A large hollow geode carved into a chair. geode
Geode C Icon.png Geode C [[]] 6 A note carved from a yellow musical geode. geode
Geode D Icon.png Geode D [[]] 6 A note carved from a green musical geode. geode
Geode Door Icon.png Geode Door door 5 A door carved from a cross section of a large geode. geodedoor
Geode E Icon.png Geode E [[]] 6 A note carved from a blue musical geode. geode
Geode F Icon.png Geode F [[]] 6 A note carved from a purple musical geode. geode
Geode G Icon.png Geode G [[]] 6 A note carved from a pink musical geode. geode
Geode High A Icon.png Geode High A [[]] 6 A note carved from a white musical geode. geode
Geode Low A Icon.png Geode Low A [[]] 6 A note carved from a red musical geode. geode
Geode Plant Pot Icon.png Geode Plant Pot decorative 8 A crystal geode plant in a flower pot. geodenature