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Oasis Biome Banner.png

Oasis is a planetary mini-biome type. It's found in desert biomes and is signified by palm trees, pools of healing water and reeds. The healing water is found on the surface in the oasis and heals about 35 hp over 5 seconds when you touch it. Healing water can be gathered and bottled into Bottled Healing Water.

Unlike most minibiomes, there is no microformer associated with the Oasis biome.

Biome Specific Objects

Primary Materials

Unique Drops

Wild Crops


Unique Monsters
Desert Tortoise.gif
Desert Tortoise
Bow Bird.gif
Bow Bird



Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Bricks Icon.png Bricks Block 0 Small but perfectly formed bricks made from clay.
Cabin Roofing Icon.png Cabin Roofing Block 0 Simple roofing for a cabin.
Iron Lantern Icon.png Iron Lantern Light Source 20 A handy oil lantern. Careful not to spill it.
Large Wooden Crate (open) Icon.png Large Wooden Crate (open) Storage 25 A mysterious wooden crate.
Old Television Icon.png Old Television Decorative 55 A television! I don't think this has worked for a long time.
Ornate Wood Icon.png Ornate Wood Block 0 Expertly treated ornate wood.
Sandstone Bed Icon.png Sandstone Bed Furniture 85 A sandstone bed. Make sure you dust it off before use.
Sandstone Chair Icon.png Sandstone Chair Furniture 50 A sandstone chair. Crumbly.
Sandstone Door Icon.png Sandstone Door Door 60 A rough sandstone door.
Sandstone Table Icon.png Sandstone Table Furniture 65 A sandstone table. Don't spill water on it.
Simple Temple Blocks Icon.png Simple Temple Blocks Block 0 Old and poorly crafted blocks, crude drawings are scratched into the stone.
Soft Brick Icon.png Soft Brick Block 0 Soft faded brick.
Temple Platform Icon.png Temple Platform Platform 0 Platforms build from solid temple bricks.
Timber Icon.png Timber Block 0 Wood that has been prepared for building and crafting.
Window Lattice Icon.png Window Lattice Block 0 A simple lattice made of wood.
Wooden Chair Icon.png Wooden Chair Furniture 10 An uncomfortable-looking wooden chair.
Wooden Crate (small) Icon.png Wooden Crate (small) Storage 15 A mysterious wooden crate.
Wooden Door Icon.png Wooden Door Door 15 A crude wooden door. Not very secure.
Wooden Log Icon.png Wooden Log Block 0 A wooden log. Good for building simple structures.
Wooden Table Icon.png Wooden Table Furniture 15 A basic wooden table.