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Tentacle Planet.png
Threat: Unknown Weather
Star types: None Clear.png
EPP Required: None
Mini Biomes: None
Secondary Biomes: None

The tentacle biome is the surface of The Ruin, a boss the size of a Very Small planet, which makes up the entirety of this biome. To travel there, players must complete the main story questline and open the gate at The Ark. It can be found nowhere else in the universe, and cannot be navigated to with a ship. It is traveled to just like a mission, but is actually a planet type.

There are no environmental hazards in tentacle biomes which require use of an environmental protection pack, allowing the player to use a Lantern Stick, Halogen Pack or Xenon Pack if they so wish.

The only Music Track which plays while the player is inside this biome is "Crystal Battle 1 (Loop)".

To find the final boss chamber, which contains the Heart of Ruin, players must mine down from near where they start on the surface. There they'll find tunnels and caves which will eventually lead to the central chamber.

Tentacle Bombs, Tentacle Clams, Tentacle Crawlers, Tentacle Ghosts, Tentacle Gnats, and Tentacle Spawners all have a chance of being found on the tentacle planet - both on the surface and during the final encounter with the Heart of Ruin. There are no dungeons or structures of any kind on the planet.


The surface layer of the tentacle planet is primarily made up of Tentacle Cluster in addition to Obsidian and Jelly Blob.

Inside caves there are usually small pools of liquid poison.

The core of the Tentacles biome contains dense Brains that make up the mind of the Ruin, some of which can be mined.

Ores can't be found on the tentacle planet itself - there are none found on either the surface or underground. However, the Asteroids layer at the top of the world, like Asteroids layers on other planets, does contain Copper Ore, Silver Ore and Gold Ore.

Primary material Sub materials Geological materials

In the planet's core:


Sub Biomes

There are no sub biomes within the tentacle planet biome, and tentacle won't appear as a biome type on any other planet.

Mini Biomes

There are no mini biomes found on the tentacle planet. It has a unique underground biome configuration, unlike the underground for any other planet type.


The Ruin planet, considered a Very Small tier 6 planet in the code, uses a unique set of layers found nowhere else in the universe.

  • Space: Asteroids (oddly enough, players don't need an EPP to breathe on Ruin asteroids)
  • Atmosphere: Atmosphere
  • Surface: Tentacle
  • Subsurface: Tentacle - Underground Tentacles
  • Shallow Underground: Tentacle - Underground Tentacles
  • Mid Underground: Tentacle - Underground Ceiling (chasm begins here)
  • Deep Underground: Tentacle - Underground Floor (chasm ends here; the Heart of Ruin generates in this layer)
  • Core: Tentacle - Underground Core


Weather on the tentacle planet is the least dangerous aspect. It's always clear there, with no probability for any other weather types.

The probability for weather types on the tentacle planet is as follows:

Clear.png Clear 1.0 (100%)

Wild Crops

There are no wild crops or seeds found on the Tentacle planet.


There are a variety of unique monsters and critters found on the tentacle planet. None of these monsters are capturable using a Capture Pod, and all are unique to the tentacle planet. There are no procedurally generated monsters found on the planet.

Critters are smaller non-combat unique creatures. While many critters can be captured using Capture Pods, none of the critters are capturable on the tentacle planet.

There are no bugs of any kind found on the tentacle planet.

Unique Monsters
Tentacle Bomb.png
Tentacle Bomb
Tentacle Clam.png
Tentacle Clam
Tentacle Crawler.png
Tentacle Crawler
Tentacle Ghost.png
Tentacle Ghost
Tentacle Gnat.png
Tentacle Gnat
Tentacle Spawner.png
Tentacle Spawner
Big Worm.gif
Big Worm
Cell 1.gif
Cell 2.gif
Egg Cell.gif
Egg Cell
Fish Eye.gif
Fish Eye

Unique Drops

There are no drops unique to tentacle planets.


No dungeons or villages have a chance of being found on the tentacle planet, it's entirely without any structures or settlements.


There are no villages on the tentacle planet.


The only dungeon on the Tentacle planet is the boss chamber containing the Heart of Ruin, located in a cleft in the Ruin's brain.


  • The tentacle planet has graphics for a planetary horizon, however, these are vestigial remains from the beta. In the early beta stages of Starbound, tentacle planets could be found in star systems, just like other planets. The parallax and music were completely different, including a second tentacle planet track in the soundtrack, called "Tentacle Exploration 2". Surface materials were mostly made of Corrupt Dirt, which was later used for the flesh caves biome.
  • Brains blocks can only be found in the deep underground layer of the Ruin and have a hardness of 2048, which takes 2 Minutes and 50 Seconds to mine with a fully upgraded Matter Manipulator. The only block to share this hardness is the Dead Core Block on Moons.