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Prism is a surface mini-biome type that appears within Tundra and Snow Biomes. Scattered throughout the environment are tiny, unobtainable rainbow crystals and unobtainable prismatic crystals that refract light, creating rainbows. It is inhabited by small, capturable diamond critters that emit a very bright rainbow light and hostile Narfin. Like some other mini-biomes, Prism biomes contain their own unique material, Prism Shards, and a furniture set created from said material. Blueprints are found in Ice Chests, and Prism Shards are found embedded in the ground in the same way that ores are.

Biome Specific Objects

Primary Materials

Unique Drops


Unique Monsters
Prism Elemental.gif
Prism Elemental
Prism Scab.gif
Prism Scab


Ice Chest