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Bioluminescence Biome Banner.png

Bioluminescence is a planetary Mini-Biome type characterized by its glowing plants of different sizes. Felling plants and vines here yield Glow Fibre. This mini-biome can be found in Snow Biomes, Tundra Biomes and Midnight Biomes.

Pockets of Bioluminescence biome can be created via use of a Glowing Microformer.

Biome Specific Objects

Primary Materials

Unique Drops


Unique Monsters
Glowing Ball 1.gif
Glowing Ball 1
Glowing Ball 2.gif
Glowing Ball 2
Glowing Fish.gif
Glowing Fish

Associated Tenants

Glow Tenant.png

Bioluminescence is an object tag associated with objects and furniture that are associated with Bioluminescence mini-biomes. These objects are used for spawning Glow Merchant tenants.

Expand to see a full list of tagged objects.

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Glow Table Icon.png Glow Table furniture 7 A giant glowing mushroom table. Perfect for sitting at in the dark. bioluminescenceodd
Glow Bed Icon.png Glow Bed furniture 12 A bed, with glowing plants grown through it. bioluminescencenature
Glow Bush Lamp Icon.png Glow Bush Lamp light 6 A bush that emits a pleasant glow. bioluminescencelightnature
Glow Chair Icon.png Glow Chair furniture 9 A glowing chair. bioluminescence
Glow Chest Icon.png Glow Chest storage 4 This chest appears organic in construction. bioluminescencestorage
Glow Flower Lamp Icon.png Glow Flower Lamp light 6 A flower that seems to emit a pleasant glow. bioluminescencelightnature
Glow Vine Lamp Icon.png Glow Vine Lamp light 5 A vine that seems to emit a pleasant glow. bioluminescencelight