Glow Fibre

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Glow Fibre.png

Bulbous, bioluminescent plant fibres. They glow with many colours!

Glow Fibre is a crafting material primarily used to make furniture and glowsticks. It can be harvested from glowing plants and vines in bioluminescence mini biomes.

Ingredient for

Glow Table Icon.png Glow Table 15
Glow Bed Icon.png Glow Bed 25
Glow Bush Lamp Icon.png Glow Bush Lamp 10
Glow Chair Icon.png Glow Chair 20
Glow Chest Icon.png Glow Chest 15
Glow Flower Lamp Icon.png Glow Flower Lamp 12
Blue Glowstick Icon.png Blue Glowstick 1
Green Glowstick Icon.png Green Glowstick 1
Orange Glowstick Icon.png Orange Glowstick 1
Yellow Glowstick Icon.png Yellow Glowstick 1
Glow Vine Lamp Icon.png Glow Vine Lamp 8


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem glowfibre
File Name glowfibre.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting