Erchius Ghost

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Erchius Ghost
Unique Monster
Erchius Ghost gif.gif
Base Health 1000 HP
Base Damage 1000 HP
Capturable No
Found In Moon Biome

Erchius Ghosts are unique monsters found on all moon planets. They start to pursue the player shortly after gathering fuel. Ghosts are attracted to Liquid Erchius Fuel and Crystal Erchius Fuel, and as the player collects more fuel in their inventory, the more purple the ghost looks and the faster they get. When near a player, the eyes will glow white and purple particles will emit from the player to the nearby ghost. Having 3000 items of fuel in the inventory will make the Erchius Ghost move incredibly quickly, about as fast as the player running on foot.

Upon picking up any fuel, S.A.I.L. will send the following message:

I am detecting entities attracted by the moon's erchius deposits. Their interest in you will grow as you collect more fuel. I would define these entities as 'intractably deadly'. I salute your fearlessness.

Erchius Ghosts pass through all matter. As of update 1.3.1, deploying in your mech will enable you to harm and even kill the Ghost, though it re-spawns quickly.

Dropping all fuel once receiving the message from S.A.I.L. will not stop the ghosts from spawning and chasing the player.


Erchius Ghosts are the limiting factor to how much fuel a player can mine on a single landing. Since they cannot be delayed, a balance must be struck between profit and danger.

Importantly, ghosts are able to move much faster when "out of sight." As soon as they are more than about one screen's width away, they automatically increase their speed, so that the player cannot get any further away no matter how fast they move. This means that even very fast players cannot gain a significant lead in the chase. The ghosts always remain close enough to be a threat.

You may consider digging out your tunnels and escape paths before picking up your fuel. The ghosts only appear once you have Erchius in your inventory, so you are safe before then.

One method is to only gather a bit of fuel at a time, return to the ship to deposit the fuel, and beam down to the moon and continue mining.

Another method is to craft a flag and place the flag when the Erchius Ghost is about to kill you so you can quickly return. You can also terraform the planet and mine without the fear of the ghost, but this is incredibly expensive.


  • According to the asset files, the description for the Erchius Ghost is the same as the Spookit.
  • When trying to spawn a Erchius Ghost using admin commands, it spawns an Erchius ghost that dies after a few seconds. This happens because the game gives a properly spawned ghost a specific player target. Without this assigned target, a manually spawned ghost's code crashes quickly.
  • The Erchius Ghosts, Erchius Horror, and the Erchius crystals in general are implied to have a strong connection to The Ruin, as SAIL states that the ghosts only started appearing after Earth's destruction.
  • When playing with /admin mode enabled, the Erchius Ghost literally drains the color (really the life) out of the player.
  • As the Erchius Ghost spawns below the player, it is possible to get the Ghost to spawn at the planet's core, at the lowest possible point. This causes it to get stuck with no health and repeatedly die, as touching the bottom of the planet will deal immeasurable damage to anything not in /admin mode.
  • Like most other floating monsters, the Erchius ghost can travel through blocks.