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Unique Monster
The PO.gif
Base Health 2 HP
Base Damage 9 - 15 HP
Capturable No
Found In Sewer Dungeons
Unique Drops Poop (32%)

Po are small unique monsters found inside Sewer Dungeons. Despite their goofy appearance, the Po are actually quite deadly, dealing 15 poison-based damage on contact. Once killed, it splits into two smaller Po that deal 12 damage on contact. When these are killed they split into 2 even smaller Po, each dealing 9 damage on contact.

This means that a careless player can be swarmed with four miniature Po. Luckily, they all only have 2 health, almost always dying in one hit. The first, largest form has a 32% chance of dropping the Poop decorative item. (33% chance of pixels, 35% nothing)

Guns are preferable, but due to their constant and at times erratic bouncing, it might be wiser to skip guns and start lobbing explosives in their general direction. They also cannot move down platforms.

The more evolved form of the Po is the Po Golem.

All sizes of The Po has a weakness (+50% damage taken) to Fire damage and a resistance (-50% damage taken) to Poison damage. Additionally, they cannot be inflicted with Poisoned.


Official introduction: "The Po! One of the game’s sillier enemies, The Po lives in the sewers and they are…made of poop."[1]
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