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Farm Animal
Base Health 250 HP
Base Damage 0 HP
Capturable No
Unique Drops

Fluffalo are a harvestable farm animal. After a time, their pelt will change color, and interacting with them will make them drop a crafting resource. The unbothered Fluffalo will then slowly regenerate that resource. The common Fluffalo gives up 8~16 units of Plant Fibre when ready for harvesting, indicated by their pelt turning a lighter shade of brown.

Other varieties of Fluffalo include the Electric Fluffalo, Fire Fluffalo, Ice Fluffalo, Poison Fluffalo.

To obtain a Fluffalo, the player can buy a Fluffalo Egg from the Outpost's Terramart. The egg will hatch shortly after being placed on any surface, resulting in a Baby Fluffalo which will over time mature into an adult. Though tiny, these little cuties need a space 5 blocks wide in order to eventually grow up into adult Fluffalo, so if you wish to keep some babies around for appearances, a simple 4-block-wide "pen" will keep them in that state.

Fluffalo cannot jump and can only "climb" a single block's height, so they can be penned in easily with a simple 2-block-tall obstacle. Fluffalo can be moved with the Relocator, but need a space 5 blocks wide for placement.


  • Fluffalo appear in Chucklefish's strategy-combat game Wargroove as part of the "Floran Tribe" faction. They serve as steeds for Floran "Knight" units.