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Unique Monster
"A braindead bioweapon created by irresponsible human scientists."
Collection # 59
Base Health 50 HP
Base Damage 8 HP
Capturable Yes
Found In USCM Derelict Ships
Unique Drops Sharpened Claw (20%)
Figurine (0.1%)

Parasprite is a unique monster added to the game files in update 1.3.0. They can be found on USCM ships in space encounters. There is a USCM codex, USCM Annual Report which gives background into the development of the Parasprite as a bio-weapon.

The Parasprite was created by USCM scientists with the assistance of the Miniknog. The Miniknog, having rarely interacted with USCM officials face-to-face, saw the USCM as dangerous. They decided to make a deal with the corporate military; they would help them develop a bioweapon. However, they secretly designed their creations so they would attack the USCM at a perfect moment and hammer the final nail in the coffin for the ailing organization. This is how the USCM came to be disbanded. Some Parasprites still remained in their storage cells on board corporate derelicts, and can therefore be encountered in-game.


  • In the game's files, there is an unused spritesheet for a baby Parasprite, likely intended to be a critter found within the USCM derelicts.
  • Their design and nature as a bioweapon is evocative of the Metroids from the Metroid franchise, indicating that they may be inspired by them.