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Unique Monster
"Disturbingly, this Erchius creature might have been a person once..."
Base Health 60 HP
Base Damage 13 HP
Capturable No
Found In Erchius Mining Facility

Moontant are unique monsters found on the Erchius Mining Facility mission. This mission's lunar base is the only location they're found in currently. Although they are a unique monster, the appearance of Moontants can vary; they're found as both females and males, and have a variety of head styles.

They have a ranged goo attack which deals 7 base damage per projectile. After their goo attack, they will charge toward their target in an attempt to deal their 13 base contact damage.


  • Moontants have an unused flying animation, as depicted on the gif to the right. They only lumber around on the ground in game.