Apex Mutant

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Apex Mutant
Unique Monster
Apex Mutant.gif
Base Health 60 HP
Base Damage 30 HP
Capturable No
Found In Apex Test Facility
Miniknog Stronghold
Unique Drops Stim pack (10%)
Banana (14%)

Apex Mutant is a slightly taller than average Apex with sickly green fur, a club foot, and a bulge on one side of its head. It is commonly found in Apex Test Facilities and was once rarely found caged by slavers.

Its slow, lumbering walk may put players off their guard, but they can do extreme levels of contact damage to players with even tier-appropriate armor if they should happen to touch them. Melee damage will also poison players. It is preferable to bring a gun of some kind to dispose of them, but a weapon with high enough knockback and range can also be used safely.