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Unique Monster
"It's actually covered in red skin, but it's still pretty gross."
Collection # 56
Base Health 30 HP
Base Damage 12 HP
Capturable Yes
Found In Flesh Mini Biome
Flesh Caves
Unique Drops Sharpened Claw (20%)
Figurine (0.1%)

Hemogoblins are a unique monster found in Flesh surface biomes and underground in Flesh Caves.

After the whole Hemogoblin's health is reduced to 0, the body splits into two pieces, the head and rear, which operate independently of one another and will both attack the player. Each piece has 65 base health and deals 12 base damage on contact. A captured Hemogoblin will still split in two when killed, and will not become a whole Hemogoblin again until healed via a Pet Healing Station.

Due to being one of the few splitting enemies in Starbound, the Hemogoblin has unusually complicated loot mechanics:

  • The whole Hemogoblin does not drop anything when it splits into its two parts.
  • The Hemogoblin Head drops only non-hunting loot, including a small chance for a Hemogoblin Figurine. Killing it with a hunting weapon will cause nothing to drop.
  • The Hemogoblin Butt (yes, that's what it's called in the code) drops only hunting loot (59.9% chance for Raw Ribs, 40% chance for Sharpened Claw, 0.1% chance for Hemogoblin Figurine) - killing it with a non-hunting weapon will cause nothing to drop.

In conclusion, to maximize loot gained from a Hemogoblin, kill the Butt with a Bow or spear-type thrown weapon and the Head with anything but a bow or spear-type thrown weapon.

All parts of this monster has a weakness (+50% damage taken) to Poison damage and a resistance (-50% damage taken) to Electric damage. Additionally, they cannot be inflicted with Electrified.

Rare Form

A rare elemental variant of this monster can be found on bounty missions, and has a very small chance to appear in the wild. It has an identical drop pool, base stats, and spawn area, but applies the slowing electrified status effect when touched. This variant constantly releases electric arcs around itself when aggro'd. The split-off parts do too.

This form can also be captured, and when caught will complete an entry in the Rare Pets collection.

Form Name Description Element Status Effect
Electric Hemogoblin.png
Electric Hemogoblin It's actually covered in purple skin, but it's still pretty gross. Electric (Attack).png Electric Status Electrified.png Electrified


The monster's name is a play on the word "hemoglobin", a protein in red blood cells that gives them their red color.

Hemogoblin combat.gif