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Unique Monster
"Explodes whenever it meets someone new. No-one knows how they aren't extinct already."
Base Health 200 HP
Base Damage 200 HP
Capturable No
Found In Space Encounters
Unique Drops Mech Salvage Part (50%)
Stick of RAM (5%)
Silicon Board (5%)
Copper Wire (5%)

Spinemines are robotic space monsters found in space encounters.

These enemies are largely stationary, floating in space near foreground obstacles, typically encircling the object. They will not move at all until the player gets close, at which point they activate and slowly home in on the player. Letting the Spinemine get too close causes it to self-destruct, dealing a large amount of damage to the player (or their mech). They will stop following once the player is outside their activation radius, which can be exploited to pick them off one at a time or damage other enemies with their explosion.

As it is only player proximity that will make them move, they can be pelted with ranged attacks without reacting. Most ranged attacks have a far greater reach than the Spinemine's activation range, making ranged offense from a safe distance the best means of taking them out. Spinemines explode once their health is depleted, dealing massive, often fatal damage to nearby creatures and mechs.

Because of their slow movement speed, it is easily possible to maneuver your mech in such a way that you can have a large cluster of Spinemines following you at once. Killing one Spinemine will kill others nearby in a chain reaction of explosions; in the event that the player falls low on energy, this is an easy way to quickly replenish large amounts of energy.