Silicon Board

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Silicon Board Icon.png
Silicon Board
Crafting Material
Silicon Board.png

A silicon board. Can be used to craft electronics.


Silicon Board is a crafting material primarily used in crafting electronics and crafting stations. It is made at an atomic furnace.

Ingredient for

Pixel Printer Icon.png Pixel Printer 3
Accelerator Addon Icon.png Accelerator Addon 2
Alarm Icon.png Alarm 1
AND Switch Icon.png AND Switch 1
Big Red Button Icon.png Big Red Button 1
Bulb Icon.png Bulb 1
Pet Station Icon.png Pet Station 3
Countdown Timer Icon.png Countdown Timer 1
Delay Gate Icon.png Delay Gate 1
Latch Icon.png Latch 1
Halogen Pack Icon.png Halogen Pack 2
Light Sensor Icon.png Light Sensor 1
Liquid Sensor Icon.png Liquid Sensor 1
Manipulator Addon Icon.png Manipulator Addon 2
NOT Switch Icon.png NOT Switch 1
OR Switch Icon.png OR Switch 1
Persistent Switch Icon.png Persistent Switch 1
Pet Healing Station Icon.png Pet Healing Station 4
Pressure Plate Icon.png Pressure Plate 1
Rail Crafting Table Icon.png Rail Crafting Table 2
Rail Sensor Icon.png Rail Sensor 1
Rail Stop Icon.png Rail Stop 1
Rail Switch Icon.png Rail Switch 1
Rail Tram Stop Icon.png Rail Tram Stop 1
Relocator Icon.png Relocator 2
Proximity Scanner Icon.png Proximity Scanner 1
Stylish TV Icon.png Stylish TV 1
Secret Door Icon.png Secret Door 1
Secret Trapdoor Icon.png Secret Trapdoor 1
Separator Addon Icon.png Separator Addon 2
Small Floor Button Icon.png Small Floor Button 1
Small Wall Button Icon.png Small Wall Button 1
Small Wall Switch Icon.png Small Wall Switch 1
Defense Turret Icon.png Defense Turret 1
Rail Tram Icon.png Rail Tram 5
Tar Console Icon.png Tar Console 2
Durasteel Console Icon.png Durasteel Console 1
Timer (0.5 Sec) Icon.png Timer (0.5 Sec) 1
Tiny Wall Button Icon.png Tiny Wall Button 1
Tiny Wall Switch Icon.png Tiny Wall Switch 1
Wiring Station Icon.png Wiring Station 5
XOR Switch Icon.png XOR Switch 1


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem siliconboard
File Name siliconboard.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting