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Unique Monster
"An aggressive, pointy space machine. They do have individual personalities - they're just all uniquely angry."
Base Health 100 HP
Base Damage 10 HP
Capturable No
Found In Space Encounters
Unique Drops Mech Salvage Part (35%)
Stick of RAM (10%)
Silicon Board (10%)
Copper Wire (10%)

Trifangle are a robotic space monster found in space encounters.

They are found in groups of two or three, and are often backed up by a single Masteroid or Chiropterror just to make things annoying. They are the most agile of the flying space enemies. They dart in quickly towards the player but typically come to a sudden stop just outside of melee range, preparing to use their laser attack. This attack is telegraphed by them opening their spines and emitting a loud electronic beep, giving the player a second or so to move out of the way before the shot is fired. Once they shoot, they rocket off on a new vector to try again.

Trifangle will often try for body-blow attacks as well, especially in enclosed spaces. Like the other flying enemies, a melee attack can bounce them back and force them to re-orient themselves, leaving them briefly an easy target for a ranged attack.