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Unique Monster
"A boron-based creature that can split its body and consciousness when damaged."
Base Health 80 HP
Base Damage 35 HP
Capturable No
Found In Space Encounters
Unique Drops Ore
Meteorite Rock

A Masteroid is a unique space monster that can appear in space encounters.

It attacks by simply rocketing towards the player in a straight line to deliver a crushing body blow. Melee attacks can deflect these charges and send them bouncing in another direction, giving the player a chance to nail them with ranged attacks while they re-orient themselves.

However, the real threat is that the larger "stages" of a Masteroid split into smaller versions once their health is depleted, giving the player two new enemies to fight (like the Old Sewer-based enemies The Po). This can lead to some very crowded conditions since Masteroids are often accompanied by swarms of Trifangles. There are only three sizes of Masteroid, and the smallest crystal-less version will not split further. This smallest version is also the only stage that drops treasure upon destruction. The largest stage is only found in higher threat-level space encounters.

Large Masteroid Splits into two Medium Masteroid Splits into two Small Masteroid

Masteroids sometimes hide in the shadows of obstacles. However, their glowing blue eyes shine in the darkness, giving their position away to a sharp-eyed player.