Adult Poptop

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Adult Poptop
Unique Monster
Adult Poptop.gif
"It's huge..."
Collection # 06
Base Health 180 HP
Base Damage 13 HP
Capturable Yes
Found In Jungle
Poison Vaults
Unique Drops Sharpened Claw (20%)
Figurine (0.1%)

Adult Poptops are a unique monster found in Jungle biomes, as well as in poison Ancient Vaults.

This monster is a weaker version of the Mother Poptop that players encounter in the Mines of Garden biomes. They fight by charging towards players and NPCs.

They have a higher base health than most monsters. The player should be well equipped to fight it.

This monster does not possess a weakness (+50% damage taken) or a resistance (-50% damage taken) to any type of damage.

Rare Form

A rare albino variant of this monster can be found on bounty missions, and has a very small chance to appear in the wild. It has an identical drop pool, base stats, and spawn area.

This form can also be captured, and when caught will complete an entry in the Rare Pets collection.

Form Name Description
Albino Adult Poptop Full.png
Albino Adult Poptop It's huge...