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Unique Monster
Base Health 50000 HP
Base Damage 0 HP
Capturable No
Found In Hylotl Underwater City
Unique Drops Pixels
basic treasure
Punchy is a unique monster implemented in update Glad Giraffe. It can be found in Hylotl underwater cities.

Its appearance is that of a punching bag, and it has a very high amount of health. Because it does not move or attack it can be used to test player attacks against.

Killing it is nearly impossible - Punchy regenerates all of its health every second, so the only reliable method of killing it is to put it in Lava and wait for Melting's exponentially-scaling damage ticks to build up.

Punchy can be moved and placed by using a relocator.

This monster does not possess a weakness (+50% damage taken) or a resistance (-50% damage taken) to any type of damage.

Punchy found in a martial arts themed room.