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Lava Icon.png

A measure of bubbling, searing lava.

Lava is a gatherable, glowing liquid found on volcanic and magma planets, the underground core layer of non-moon planets, and in an endless ocean at the bottom layer of non-moon planets.


Primary damage from lava persists until contact ceases, starting at 30 and doubles each second (30, 60, 120, 240, etc), so that would mean the damage is (30 * 2x-1), where x is the number of seconds. Lava also inflicts secondary damage, as the player will also be burned, taking damage for a short time at (2.5% of max hp + 1) per second. All mechs will lose 40MJ of energy per second when in lava.

There is nothing the player can do to make lava safe for direct contact. The cooling EPP will provide no relief. Fire resistance will protect the player from the burning effect, but not from the exponential increase of the melting effect. Even spamming nanowrap bandages will become ineffective after a few seconds.

Magma oceans can be navigated by the green boat, which is immune to melting. Care should be taken by such brave explorers not to fall overboard or wreck the boat, as death in lava comes swiftly.

Status Effects

Lava-Liquid Interactions

Lava has several interactions with other liquids:

  • If lava comes into contact with water, the lava converts to magmarock.
  • If lava comes into contact with jelly, oil, or slime, the other liquid converts to lava.

Note that the lava found in the ocean at the cores of non-moon planets is technically a different liquid from ordinary lava, and has different interactions.

Collecting Lava

Lava may be collected with Matter Manipulator once the Level 1 Expansion Slot is upgraded. The easiest way to collect lava is by beaming down to one of the small islands of a magma planet and sipping the lava with the Matter Manipulator at the edge of the land.

Core Lava

Core lava is found in an ocean at the bottom layer of non-moon planets. It yields nothing when harvested with a Matter Manipulator, making it an unobtainable liquid.

Core lava is technically a different liquid than ordinary lava, and has different liquid-liquid interactions.

The ocean of core lava is the only place where Survival Mode players need to worry about items dropped on death, as items lost on death in core lava are not retrievable, whereas they normally are retrievable in this game mode.

Ingredient for

Foundry Light Icon.png Foundry Light 10
Hot Hot Hotpot Icon.png Hot Hot Hotpot 1
Magma Lamp Icon.png Magma Lamp 5



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem liquidlava
File Name lava.liqitem
File Path assets\items\liquids
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