Poison Fluffalo

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Poison Fluffalo
Farm Animal
Poison Fluffalo.gif
Base Health 250 HP
Base Damage 0 HP
Capturable No
Unique Drops

Poison Fluffalo are a harvestable farm animal. When they're ready to harvest, they will emit green bubbles and will drip green droplets, and can be interacted with to produce Venom Samples.

Poison Fluffalo are evolved from Baby Fluffalo when they're hatched from an Poison Fluffalo Egg. To hatch the egg, place it on the ground. When the egg starts to shake press E or interact and a baby fluffalo will hatch.

These can be purchased, along with other types of fluffalo eggs, from Terramart at the Outpost.

Fluffalo cannot be killed, except by coming into contact with lava.