Minidrone Intel Rack

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Minidrone Intel Rack
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A computer displaying information downloaded from the drone on top.

Minidrone Intel Rack is a decorative Apex clue object occasionally found in Apex city apartments, Apex rebel camps, Apex Miniknog bases, and Apex test facilities. It appears to be a terminal interfacing with a Mini Drone.

Like other Apex clues, inspecting this object using inspection mode while on the quest Find Clues to Locate the Apex Artifact will trigger a radio message from Esther and give 20/50 points credit for the quest. There are four other 20 point Apex clues, and a variety of smaller point objects.

Racial Descriptions

Apex Icon.png Apex : This computer appears to be downloading data from a Miniknog surveillance drone.
Avian Icon.png Avian : This computer is attached to the robotic drone. I wonder what information it has found from it?
Floran Icon.png Floran : Computer sscreen showing thingsss from machine.
Glitch Icon.png Glitch : Enticed. This computer display is showing information from the small robot it is attached to.
Human Icon.png Human : This computer is hooked up to the drone on top. I wonder who made it, and what information can be found from it?
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl : This computer is cycling through curious data from the small silver drone it is attached to.
Novakid Icon.png Novakid : I wonder what this here set up is fixin' to do?


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem minidronerack
File Name minidronerack.object
File Path assets\objects\clues\apex\minidronerack