Regeneration (Buff)

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Status Regeneration.png
Effects Health point regeneration

Regeneration is a buff status effect which restores player health. It's applied when using Red Stim Packs, sleeping in certain beds, and coming in contact with healing water. In addition, red gases from Status Pods, Healing Augments, the buffs given by Medic Crew, and the Healing Zone spawned by some Staffs grant regeneration. Pets can gain regeneration if their Capture Pod is equipped with a Healing Collar.

Not to be confused with Healing, Regeneration heals a percentage of the player's health per second for the effect's duration (Healing grants a flat number of hit points over the duration). Items granting Regeneration can be used even while the Well Fed effect (granted by eating any food (Casual) or eating food that maxes out your food bar (Survival/Hardcore)) is active.

In early builds this buff was granted while sleeping in all beds, but it has since been replaced by resting for most of them. The beds that still give regeneration do not give resting, so it is not recommended to go AFK while sleeping in one of those as a Survival or Hardcore character (if you do, you will starve in your sleep if you are AFK for too long).

Types of Regeneration

The regeneration types are listed from most potent to least potent:

  • Fast Regeneration, Ship Regeneration 5: 10% per second
  • Staff Regeneration: 10% per 2 seconds
  • Regeneration 4, Red Stim Regeneration, Ship Regeneration 4: 10% per 3 seconds
  • Regeneration 3, Ship Regeneration 3: 10% per 4 seconds
  • Regeneration 2, Ship Regeneration 2: 10% per 5 seconds
  • Regeneration 1, Healing III Collar, Healing Water Regeneration, Ship Regeneration 1: 10% per 6 seconds
  • Healing III Augment, Healing II Collar: 10% per 9 seconds
  • Healing I Collar: 10% per 12 seconds
  • Healing II Augment: 10% per 13.5 seconds
  • Healing I Augment: 10% per 18 seconds
  • Food Regeneration (not used): 10% per 30 seconds


Regeneration can be applied by:

  • Red Stim Packs: Applies Red Stim Regeneration for 60 seconds when used.
  • Sleeping in certain beds: Depending on the bed, applies one of the generic Regeneration levels for as long as the entity remains on the bed.
  • Healing Water: Applies Healing Water Regeneration while the entity is immersed and for 5 seconds after the entity exits the liquid.
  • Staff Healing Zone: Applies Staff Regeneration to entities touching it and for 0.5 seconds after an entity leaves the zone.
  • Status Pods: When it releases red gases, those gases inflict either Regeneration 4 for 120 seconds or Fast Regeneration for 10 seconds.
  • Augments and Pet Collars: The appropriate effect is passively applied to the entity for as long as it is still alive.
  • Medics: Applies one of the Ship Regeneration effects based on the player's ship's tier (?).
    • On the Ship: Effect applied to all entities. Once an entity is no longer on the ship, the effect wears off after 5 seconds.
    • Outside of the Ship: If a Medic is included in the player's party, they will grant 30 seconds of the appropriate effect to friendly entities when they are close enough. This ability goes on cooldown for 120 seconds on use.

Status Regeneration.png Regeneration 4

Item Duration
60 seconds
60 seconds
8 seconds
15 seconds

Status Regeneration.png Regeneration 3

Item Duration
10 seconds

Status Regeneration.png Regeneration 1

Item Duration
5 seconds
0 seconds
0 seconds
0 seconds
0 seconds
0 seconds
0 seconds
0 seconds
0 seconds
0 seconds