Deadly Heat

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Deadly Heat
Planet Hazard
Status Heat.png
Effects -10 HP/s while standing on any surface

Tier 6 Planets

Deadly Heat is a planet hazard status effect found on Tier 6 Planets. It deals 5 damage every 0.5 seconds to players while they are standing on ground. This damage can be avoided in the short term by hanging from the ceiling with ropes or a Grappling Hook or by placing down a nonhazardous liquid and swimming away from the bottom; however, Deadly Heat is still inconvenient because many planetary activities require both hands to complete, preventing the player from hanging on rope during these activities, and liquid pools take time to set up and are not practical in many situations. Consequentially, players will have to expend many Medical Kits, Bandages or Nanowrap Bandages over time to counteract the health drain.

Players can protect themselves by equipping cooling EPPs. Once protected, players are completely immune to this effect.

When piloting a mech on a planet or in a space encounter that inflicts Deadly Heat, S.A.I.L. will prompt the pilot with a message: "WARNING! Your vehicle is not certified for this environment. Disregarding this warning may cause pilot death and/or invalidation of vehicle warranty." When subject to Deadly Heat without a sufficient body, the mech will drain 30 more MJ of energy per second. A mech body can resist Deadly Heat if the sum of its Max Energy and Defense rating bars is 8 or greater.

The Deadly Heat status effect is present on planets with the following primary biomes: