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Status Starving.png
Effects Movement speed slowed 15%, periodic ticking damage

Hunger bar empty (Survival+)

Starving is a debuff status effect that's applied when players hunger bar is empty. It slows movement speed by 15% and directly drains health at a linearly increasing rate (health drain is not reduced by defense).

Specifically, 2 * (time spent starving) * (tick length) health is drained at the end of each tick, so eventually the health drain will become so large that even Nanowrap Bandages will not be able to heal you fast enough to keep you alive.

Players can restore hunger by eating food - this will remove the debuff, though you may still be inflicted with Hungry if the food eaten doesn't increase your saturation very much.

This debuff is only applied in survival and hardcore difficulty modes. There is no hunger bar in casual difficulty, so players won't ever see this if they've selected that difficulty.