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Scanning Mode
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Describe things in the world and scan objects for printing. Quick select with [N] key.

Scanning Mode is an upgraded version of the Inspection Mode for the player's Matter Manipulator. The upgrade is automatically applied after players accept the quest Visit The Outpost.

When toggled it will inspect objects and materials when they're clicked on. It acts as a light source as well, functionally serving as a flashlight.

It's primary function is to 'scan' objects for printing using the Pixel Printer. Objects scanned using Scan Mode will become available for players to print on the printer using pixels. Objects and materials which can be crafted can not be printed in most cases.

Objects which have not been scanned are indicated with a blue highlight in Scanning Mode. After scanning an object its highlight color will change to red, indicating it's been scanned already.

Finding clues

Throughout the main story-line, the player must scan objects for Esther to determine the location of the next artifact.

In each quest, the player must find clues that are race specific decorations and furniture. This requires exploration of increasingly hazardous solar systems and planets, but once found they will be indicated with green highlight in Scanning Mode. The developers intended for this to help players, by means of quest objectives, progress through the game's tiers of technological advancement.[1]

See: Clues

Additionally, the player may employ the scanning functionality of their Matter Manipulator to scan for clues on the whereabouts of bounties through handprints they may leave behind.

Generic Quotes

Out of Range

  • Default
    • "That's outside my scanner's detection area."
    • "Can't seem to get a reading; I should get closer."
    • "The signal's too faint to make out - might be out of range."
    • "It must be out of range, I can't get a reading."
  • Novakid
    • "The scanner ain't reachin' - probably oughta get closer."
    • "Guess I'm outta range, the scanner ain't scanning that far."
    • "Signal's too faint, better get closer."
    • "Can't scan that, it ain't in range."
  • Floran
    • "Scanner not ssstrong enough! Floran must move in."
    • "That's outsssside scanner's range." [sic]
    • "Ssignal's too faint to make out, Floran not close enough."
    • "Mussst be out of range, Floran can't get a reading."
  • Glitch
    • "Disappointed. This hardware's sensors are insufficient to analyze that position from here."
    • "Puzzled. I cannot seem to get a reading; perhaps I should get closer."
    • "Frustrated. The signal is too faint to make out, I believe I'm out of range."
    • "Irked. It must be out of range, I cannot get a reading."

Nothing There

  • Default
    • "Nothing of interest here."
    • "Nothing to see here."
    • "This isn't really anything."
    • "Nothing much to speak of."
  • Novakid
    • "Scanner's drawin' a blank."
    • "Not a darn thing there."
    • "Scanner says ain't nothin' there."
    • "that's just a whole lotta nothin'."
  • Floran
    • "Nothing of interessst."
    • "Nothing to sscan."
    • "This isssn't anything."
    • "Nothing much to sspeak of."
  • Glitch
    • "Unimpressed. Nothing of interest here."
    • "Neutral. There is nothing there."
    • "Disappointed. Nothing there to scan."
    • "Disinterested. This isn't really anything."

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File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem scanmode
File Name scanmode.inspectiontool
File Path assets\items\tools\inspectiontool