Inspection Mode

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Inspection Mode
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Inspect the world around you. Quick select with [N] key.

Inspection Mode is the first mode the player's Matter Manipulator hotslot has available.

It allows players to inspect objects and materials to hear race specific observations. It's upgraded to the more powerful Scanning Mode when players accept the quest Visit The Outpost. The upgrade will add a flashlight, and the ability to scan objects to the player's Pixel Printer.

Generic Quotes

Out of Range

  • Default
    • "I can't see that spot."
    • "I need to get closer to see that."
    • "I can't see that from here."
    • "I'm not close enough to see that."
  • Novakid
    • "My eyes ain't quite that good; oughta get closer."
    • "I ain't near enough to make that out."
    • "Need to get closer to see that properly."
    • "Can't see that from here."
  • Floran
    • "Floran cannot sssee from here!"
    • "Floran needs to get closer to sssee that."
    • "Floran can't see that ssspot."
    • "Floran's not clossse enough to see that."
  • Glitch
    • "Disappointed. I cannot see that spot from this position."
    • "Puzzled. I'm not sure what that is; perhaps I should get closer."
    • "Frustrated. I cannot see that from here."
    • "Irked. I am not close enough to see that."

Nothing There

  • Default
    • "Nothing of interest here."
    • "Nothing to see here."
    • "This isn't really anything."
    • "Nothing much to speak of."
  • Novakid
    • "I'm drawin' a blank."
    • "Nothin' there worth talkin' about."
    • "Ain't nothin' of interest there."
    • "that's just a whole lotta nothin'."
  • Floran
    • "Nothing of interessst."
    • "Nothing to sssee."
    • "This isssn't anything."
    • "Nothing much to sspeak of."
  • Glitch
    • "Unimpressed. Nothing of interest here."
    • "Neutral. There is nothing there."
    • "Disappointed. Nothing interesting."
    • "Disinterested. This isn't really anything."


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem inspectionmode
File Name inspectionmode.inspectiontool
File Path assets\items\tools\inspectiontool