Penguin Weaponry Testing Site

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Dr Akaggy.png Penguin Weaponry Testing Site
Side Quest

Parts and Labour

Questgiver: Dr. Akaggy

Turn In: Dr. Akaggy
Pixels-Sell.png 500
Parts and Labour
Advanced Test Drive

Penguin Weaponry Testing Site is a quest given by the Penguin scientist Dr. Akaggy beneath the Outpost. She asks the player to defeat an experimental weapon, Shockhopper MK I.

After accepting the quest players will also unlock the ability to return to this mission via their ship computer. Completing it will award a Reward Bag and open the quest Advanced Test Drive. It will also open the Penguin Weapon Shop under the Outpost.

This quest was originally a stand-alone boss quest, and was integrated into the mech progression questline in update 1.3.0.

Quest Text

Dr Akaggy.png

Dr. Akaggy

Quest Text

"A weapon distributor of mine needs a shipment from me, but I've been busy fixing up my new experimental Shockhopper mech. Naturally I'll need a budding warrior to test it against - catch my drift? Speak to me when you're geared up and ready, and we can go to my weapon testing site."

Completion Text

"Thanks for the intense testing session, friendo - it gave me a lot of useful data! I've also sent out a shipment to my weapon distributor - his stall should be open right here on the Outpost already."




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