The Final Frontier

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Trader Quest Portrait.png The Final Frontier
Story Quest

Opening the Ark

Questgiver: The Trader

Turn In: The Player

Pixels-Sell.png 1000

Opening the Ark

The Final Frontier is an endgame quest which becomes available after defeating the Ruin. The quest is offered by a mysterious trader located just above the 2 Stop Teleshop at the Outpost. The quest unlocks after completing Opening the Ark.

After accepting the quest speak to the trader again. He'll require a number of elemental drops, found by killing monsters or harvesting Fluffalo, in exchange for an Ancient Key. Specifically, he may ask for bundles of 10 Scorched Cores, Cryonic Extracts, Static Cells, Hardened Carapaces, Living Roots, Venom Samples, pieces of Phase Matter, Sharpened Claws, or Sticks of RAM; alternately, he may ask for bundles of 40 Refined Aegisalt, Refined Ferozium or Refined Violium. Once the key has been collected, the player must travel in their ship to an Ancient Gateway and use it to enter an Ancient Vault dungeon.

After accepting the initial quest the trader will continue to sell keys to the player, so they can re-enter the vaults and collect Ancient Essence to use in crafting Terraformers and upgrading Tier 5 or lower Unique Weapons to tier 6 power at a Weapon Upgrade Anvil (also found only in Ancient Vaults).

Quest Text

Trader Sprite.png

The Trader

Quest Text

"The winds whisper of what you have done - you have ventured far, young one. But there are still doors you have yet to open. I can trade keys with you, if you wish to open the Ancient Gates scattered among the stars."

Completion Text

"I've arrived at an Ancient Vault! I wonder what secrets these ruins hide? I think I should take a look around..."




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