Static Cell

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Static Cell.png

A cluster of electrically charged cell matter. Can be used for crafting.

Static Cell is a crafting material that may drop when killing an Anglure [1/5], Bobot [1/10], Scandroid [1/10], Voltip [1/5] or Lumoth [1/10].

It can also be harvested from Electric Fluffalo, which can be hatched from eggs purchasable at Terramart.

Ingredient for

Adaptable Crossbow Icon.png Adaptable Crossbow 10
Blue Stim Pack Icon.png Blue Stim Pack 1
Mini Fridge Icon.png Mini Fridge 1
Perfectly Generic Item Icon.png Perfectly Generic Item 1
Stun Glove Icon.png Stun Glove 15
Sandy Terraformer Icon.png Sandy Terraformer 50
Prairie Terraformer Icon.png Prairie Terraformer 50



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem staticcell
File Name staticcell.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting\monsterdrops