Prairie Terraformer

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Prairie Terraformer
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Transforms a planet's climate into an arid grassland.


Prairie Terraformer is a type of terraformer which can terraform an area or an entire planet into a savannah biome. It can be crafted using a Terraforge, which is found just after the ancient guardians inside Ancient Vaults.

When activated a small glowing gem will pulse energy in the center of the terraformer and a beam will shine skyward. After some time the area around it will gradually change. Terraformation must be done in multiple stages, each requiring Ancient Essence from Ancient Vaults. Interacting with the terraformer will allow the player to decide how much essence to power the terraformer up with.

Terraforming only works on the surface of a planet. Terraforming an area will remove most of the natural biome objects, but will leave non-biome specific objects in the affected area intact.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem terraformersavannah
File Name terraformersavannah.object
File Path assets\objects\terraformer