Fungal Microformer

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Fungal Microformer
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Transforms an area of a planet into a patch of spongey fungus and giant toadstools.

Fungal Microformer is a microformer which can terraform an area on a planet into a mushroom patch mini biome. It has a chance to drop from Ancient Guardian bosses at the end of Ancient Vault dungeons.

When activated a small glowing gem will pulse energy in the center of the microformer. After some time the area around it will gradually change. Eventually the gem color will fade, indicating the microformer has been used up.

Terraforming only works on the surface of a planet, and once activated the microformer cannot be picked back up. After it's been activated, dislodging it using a mining tool will destroy it - but it can be relocated before being activated. Terraforming an area will remove most of the natural biome objects, but will leave non-biome specific objects in the affected area intact.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem microformermushrooms
File Name microformermushrooms.object
File Path assets\objects\microformer\mushrooms