Ancient Essence

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Ancient Essence
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Mysterious energy used by the Ancients. It pulses in harmony with the living universe.

Ancient Essence is an endgame currency found inside Ancient Vaults. The vault dungeons are opened up after completing the main story.

Ancient Essence can be collected from chests, smashed pots, monsters, and the guardians inside the vaults. They can be used as currency to upgrade weapons, craft terraformers, and are required to activate terraformers.

After picking up Ancient Essence for the first time the quantity will display at the bottom of the inventory window, right next to the player's Pixel count.

Ingredient for

Mutant Terraformer Icon.png Mutant Terraformer 3000
Sandy Terraformer Icon.png Sandy Terraformer 3000
Wooded Terraformer Icon.png Wooded Terraformer 3000
Lush Terraformer Icon.png Lush Terraformer 3000
Jungle Terraformer Icon.png Jungle Terraformer 3000
Dark Terraformer Icon.png Dark Terraformer 3000
Prairie Terraformer Icon.png Prairie Terraformer 3000
Scorched Terraformer Icon.png Scorched Terraformer 3000
Snowy Terraformer Icon.png Snowy Terraformer 3000
Icy Terraformer Icon.png Icy Terraformer 3000
Volcanic Terraformer Icon.png Volcanic Terraformer 3000


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem essence
File Name essence.currency
File Path assets\items\currency