Refined Violium

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Refined Violium Icon.png
Refined Violium
Crafting Material
Refined Violium.png

Ore for refined violium is primarily found on planets orbiting frozen stars.


Refined Violium is a crafting material refined from Violium Ore at an Atomic Furnace. It is primarily used to craft tier 5 racial armor and melee weapons at a Separator's Table. It has the appearance of a purple sphere.

Each one can be refined into 60 pixels using a Refinery.

Ingredient for

Assassin's Chestguard Icon.png Assassin's Chestguard 10
Assassin's Mask Icon.png Assassin's Mask 6
File:Assassin's Trousers Icon.png Assassin's Trousers 4
Phoenix Breastplate Icon.png Phoenix Breastplate 10
Phoenix Helm Icon.png Phoenix Helm 6
Phoenix Greaves Icon.png Phoenix Greaves 4
Gatherer's Chestpiece Icon.png Gatherer's Chestpiece 10
Gatherer's Helm Icon.png Gatherer's Helm 6
Gatherer's Skirt Icon.png Gatherer's Skirt 4
Paladin's Breastplate Icon.png Paladin's Breastplate 10
Paladin's Helm Icon.png Paladin's Helm 6
Paladin's Greaves Icon.png Paladin's Greaves 4
Cooling EPP Upgrade Icon.png Cooling EPP Upgrade 2
Adventurer's Chestguard Icon.png Adventurer's Chestguard 10
Adventurer's Helm Icon.png Adventurer's Helm 6
Adventurer's Trousers Icon.png Adventurer's Trousers 4
Ocean Chestguard Icon.png Ocean Chestguard 10
Ocean Helm Icon.png Ocean Helm 6
Ocean Greaves Icon.png Ocean Greaves 4
Hero Mech Body Icon.png Hero Mech Body 40
Lilotron Mech Body Icon.png Lilotron Mech Body 40
Nightwinder Mech Body Icon.png Nightwinder Mech Body 40
Varmint's Plate Icon.png Varmint's Plate 10
Varmint's Hat Icon.png Varmint's Hat 6
Varmint's Pants Icon.png Varmint's Pants 4
Ore Detector Icon.png Ore Detector 5
Prism Magenta Lamp Icon.png Prism Magenta Lamp 1
Separator Addon Icon.png Separator Addon 10
Violium Broadsword Icon.png Violium Broadsword 6
Violium Shortsword Icon.png Violium Shortsword 3



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem refinedviolium
File Name refinedviolium.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting