Titanium Bar

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Titanium Bar Icon.png
Titanium Bar
Crafting Material
Titanium Bar.png

Ore for titanium bars is primarily found on planets orbiting temperate stars.


Titanium Bar is a crafting material refined from Titanium Ore at an industrial furnace or a higher level upgrade. It is primarily used to make tier 3 weapons and armor.

Each bar can be refined into 40 pixels using a Refinery.

Ingredient for

Apex Ship Door Icon.png Apex Ship Door 1
Apex Ship Hatch Icon.png Apex Ship Hatch 1
Insurgent's Jacket Icon.png Insurgent's Jacket 10
Insurgent's Mask Icon.png Insurgent's Mask 6
File:Insurgent's Trousers Icon.png Insurgent's Trousers 4
Avian Ship Door Icon.png Avian Ship Door 1
Avian Ship Hatch Icon.png Avian Ship Hatch 1
Quail Breastplate Icon.png Quail Breastplate 10
Quail Crest Icon.png Quail Crest 6
File:Quail Trousers Icon.png Quail Trousers 4
Titanium Panel Icon.png Titanium Panel (50) 1
Cultist Airlock Door Icon.png Cultist Airlock Door 2
Fishing Rod Icon.png Fishing Rod 2
Floran Ship Door Icon.png Floran Ship Door 1
Floran Ship Hatch Icon.png Floran Ship Hatch 1
Nomad's Chestguard Icon.png Nomad's Chestguard 10
Nomad's Crown Icon.png Nomad's Crown 6
File:Nomad's Trousers Icon.png Nomad's Trousers 4
Glitch Ship Door Icon.png Glitch Ship Door 1
Glitch Ship Hatch Icon.png Glitch Ship Hatch 1
Knight's Breastplate Icon.png Knight's Breastplate 10
Knight's Helm Icon.png Knight's Helm 6
File:Knight's Tassets Icon.png Knight's Tassets 4
Human Ship Door Icon.png Human Ship Door 1
Human Ship Hatch Icon.png Human Ship Hatch 1
Pioneer's Chestguard Icon.png Pioneer's Chestguard 10
Pioneer's Helm Icon.png Pioneer's Helm 6
Pioneer's Pants Icon.png Pioneer's Pants 4
Hylotl Ship Door Icon.png Hylotl Ship Door 1
Hylotl Ship Hatch Icon.png Hylotl Ship Hatch 1
River Breastplate Icon.png River Breastplate 10
River Helm Icon.png River Helm 6
River Leggings Icon.png River Leggings 4
Laboratory Light Icon.png Laboratory Light 1
Laboratory Hatch Icon.png Laboratory Hatch 1
Heatrifle Mech Arm Icon.png Heatrifle Mech Arm 10
Split Shot Mech Arm Icon.png Split Shot Mech Arm 10
Tommy Gun Mech Arm Icon.png Tommy Gun Mech Arm 10
Beat Mech Body Icon.png Beat Mech Body 20
USCM Mech Body Icon.png USCM Mech Body 20
Skulduggery Mech Body Icon.png Skulduggery Mech Body 20
Reactor Mech Body Icon.png Reactor Mech Body 20
Astro Mech Boosters Icon.png Astro Mech Boosters 10
Basic Mech Boosters Icon.png Basic Mech Boosters 15
Stalwart Mech Boosters Icon.png Stalwart Mech Boosters 10
Zed Mech Boosters Icon.png Zed Mech Boosters 10
Arc Mech Legs Icon.png Arc Mech Legs 10
Hopper Mech Legs Icon.png Hopper Mech Legs 10
Basic Mech Legs Icon.png Basic Mech Legs 10
Twinjet Mech Legs Icon.png Twinjet Mech Legs 10
Hi-tech Block Icon.png Hi-tech Block (30) 1
Modern Platform Icon.png Modern Platform (40) 1
Novakid Ship Door Icon.png Novakid Ship Door 1
Novakid Ship Hatch Icon.png Novakid Ship Hatch 1
Outlaw Chest Icon.png Outlaw Chest 10
Outlaw Hat Icon.png Outlaw Hat 6
Outlaw Pants Icon.png Outlaw Pants 4
Blue Paintgun Icon.png Blue Paintgun 6
Green Paintgun Icon.png Green Paintgun 6
Orange Paintgun Icon.png Orange Paintgun 6
Purple Paintgun Icon.png Purple Paintgun 6
Red Paintgun Icon.png Red Paintgun 6
Yellow Paintgun Icon.png Yellow Paintgun 6
Pressure Plate Icon.png Pressure Plate 1
Radiation EPP Upgrade Icon.png Radiation EPP Upgrade 6
Refinery Icon.png Refinery 15
Hull Panel Icon.png Hull Panel (20) 1
Sloped Inset Panel Icon.png Sloped Inset Panel (20) 1
Rusty Panel Icon.png Rusty Panel (20) 1
Scrap Panel Icon.png Scrap Panel (20) 1
Snowball Shooter Icon.png Snowball Shooter 10
Throwing Axe Icon.png Throwing Axe (25) 1
Titanium Bed Icon.png Titanium Bed 1
Titanium Chair Icon.png Titanium Chair 1
Titanium Door Icon.png Titanium Door 1
Titanium Light Icon.png Titanium Light 1
Titanium Console Icon.png Titanium Console 1
Titanium Table Icon.png Titanium Table 1
Titanium Dagger Icon.png Titanium Dagger 2
Titanium Machine Pistol Icon.png Titanium Machine Pistol 3
Titanium Sniper Rifle Icon.png Titanium Sniper Rifle 6
Titanium Spear Icon.png Titanium Spear 6



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem titaniumbar
File Name titaniumbar.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting