Titanium Bar

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Titanium Bar Icon.png
Titanium Bar
Crafting Material
Titanium Bar.png

Ore for titanium bars is primarily found on planets orbiting temperate stars.


Titanium Bar is a crafting material refined from Titanium Ore at an industrial furnace or a higher level upgrade. It is primarily used to make tier 3 weapons and armor.

Each bar can be refined into 40 pixels using a Refinery.

Ingredient for

Apex Ship Door Icon.png Apex Ship Door 1
Apex Ship Hatch Icon.png Apex Ship Hatch 1
Insurgent's Jacket Icon.png Insurgent's Jacket 10
Insurgent's Mask Icon.png Insurgent's Mask 6
File:Insurgent's Trousers Icon.png Insurgent's Trousers 4
Avian Ship Door Icon.png Avian Ship Door 1
Avian Ship Hatch Icon.png Avian Ship Hatch 1
Quail Breastplate Icon.png Quail Breastplate 10
Quail Crest Icon.png Quail Crest 6
File:Quail Trousers Icon.png Quail Trousers 4
Titanium Panel Icon.png Titanium Panel (50) 1
Cultist Airlock Door Icon.png Cultist Airlock Door 2
Cultist Chestpiece Icon.png Cultist Chestpiece 2
Fishing Rod Icon.png Fishing Rod 2
Floran Ship Door Icon.png Floran Ship Door 1
Floran Ship Hatch Icon.png Floran Ship Hatch 1
Nomad's Chestguard Icon.png Nomad's Chestguard 10
Nomad's Crown Icon.png Nomad's Crown 6
File:Nomad's Trousers Icon.png Nomad's Trousers 4
Glitch Ship Door Icon.png Glitch Ship Door 1
Glitch Ship Hatch Icon.png Glitch Ship Hatch 1
Knight's Breastplate Icon.png Knight's Breastplate 10
Knight's Helm Icon.png Knight's Helm 6
File:Knight's Tassets Icon.png Knight's Tassets 4
Human Ship Door Icon.png Human Ship Door 1
Human Ship Hatch Icon.png Human Ship Hatch 1
Pioneer's Chestguard Icon.png Pioneer's Chestguard 10
Pioneer's Helm Icon.png Pioneer's Helm 6
Pioneer's Pants Icon.png Pioneer's Pants 4
Hylotl Ship Door Icon.png Hylotl Ship Door 1
Hylotl Ship Hatch Icon.png Hylotl Ship Hatch 1
River Breastplate Icon.png River Breastplate 10
River Helm Icon.png River Helm 6
River Leggings Icon.png River Leggings 4
Laboratory Light Icon.png Laboratory Light 1
Laboratory Hatch Icon.png Laboratory Hatch 1
Drill Mech Arm Icon.png Drill Mech Arm 20
Flak Cannon Mech Arm Icon.png Flak Cannon Mech Arm 20
Dominion-00 Mech Body Icon.png Dominion-00 Mech Body 40
Champion-00 Mech Body Icon.png Champion-00 Mech Body 40
Golem-00 Mech Body Icon.png Golem-00 Mech Body 40
Arthuria-00 Mech Body Icon.png Arthuria-00 Mech Body 40
Venturer-00 Mech Body Icon.png Venturer-00 Mech Body 40
Kabuto-00 Mech Body Icon.png Kabuto-00 Mech Body 40
Marshal-00 Mech Body Icon.png Marshal-00 Mech Body 40
Basic Mech Boosters Icon.png Basic Mech Boosters 15
Basic Mech Legs Icon.png Basic Mech Legs 10
Hi-tech Block Icon.png Hi-tech Block (30) 1
Modern Platform Icon.png Modern Platform (40) 1
Novakid Ship Door Icon.png Novakid Ship Door 1
Novakid Ship Hatch Icon.png Novakid Ship Hatch 1
Outlaw Chest Icon.png Outlaw Chest 10
Outlaw Hat Icon.png Outlaw Hat 6
Outlaw Pants Icon.png Outlaw Pants 4
Blue Paintgun Icon.png Blue Paintgun 6
Green Paintgun Icon.png Green Paintgun 6
Orange Paintgun Icon.png Orange Paintgun 6
Purple Paintgun Icon.png Purple Paintgun 6
Red Paintgun Icon.png Red Paintgun 6
Yellow Paintgun Icon.png Yellow Paintgun 6
Pressure Plate Icon.png Pressure Plate 1
Radiation EPP Upgrade Icon.png Radiation EPP Upgrade 6
Refinery Icon.png Refinery 15
Hull Panel Icon.png Hull Panel (20) 1
Sloped Inset Panel Icon.png Sloped Inset Panel (20) 1
Rusty Panel Icon.png Rusty Panel (20) 1
Scrap Panel Icon.png Scrap Panel (20) 1
Snowball Shooter Icon.png Snowball Shooter 10
Throwing Axe Icon.png Throwing Axe (25) 1
Titanium Bed Icon.png Titanium Bed 1
Titanium Chair Icon.png Titanium Chair 1
Titanium Door Icon.png Titanium Door 1
Titanium Light Icon.png Titanium Light 1
Titanium Console Icon.png Titanium Console 1
Titanium Table Icon.png Titanium Table 1
Titanium Dagger Icon.png Titanium Dagger 2
Titanium Machine Pistol Icon.png Titanium Machine Pistol 3
Titanium Sniper Rifle Icon.png Titanium Sniper Rifle 6
Titanium Spear Icon.png Titanium Spear 6



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem titaniumbar
File Name titaniumbar.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting