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Gold Bar.png

Ore for gold bars is found at great depths on most planets around all stars.


Gold Bar is a crafting material refined from gold ore at a furnace. It is used as an ingredient in a number of crafting recipes.

Each bar can be refined into 20 pixels using a Refinery.

Obtaining gold bars is the objective of the tech quest Rounding Up The Components.

Ingredient for

Battery Icon.png Battery 2
Cave Detector Icon.png Cave Detector 5
Master Fossil Brush Icon.png Master Fossil Brush 1
Small Fossil Display Icon.png Small Fossil Display 3
Medium Fossil Display Icon.png Medium Fossil Display 5
Large Fossil Display Icon.png Large Fossil Display 30
Gold Block Icon.png Gold Block (20) 1
Gold Platform Icon.png Gold Platform (20) 1
Heart Forge Icon.png Heart Forge 10
Pixel Compressor Icon.png Pixel Compressor 15
Sloped Inset Panel Icon.png Sloped Inset Panel (20) 1
Sprinkler Icon.png Sprinkler 5
Treasure Hoard Icon.png Treasure Hoard (20) 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem goldbar
File Name goldbar.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting