Solarium Star

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Solarium Star
Crafting Material
Solarium Star.png

Ore to make solarium stars is primarily found on planets orbiting fiery stars.


Solarium Star is a crafting material refined from solarium ore using an Atomic Furnace. It used to craft the highest tier armor.

Solarium stars are the only refined ore products which cannot be converted into pixels at a Refinery.

Ingredient for

Aegisalt Bow Icon.png Aegisalt Bow 6
Infiltrator's Breastplate Icon.png Infiltrator's Breastplate 20
Infiltrator's Helm Icon.png Infiltrator's Helm 12
Infiltrator's Greaves Icon.png Infiltrator's Greaves 8
Usurper's Coat Icon.png Usurper's Coat 20
Usurper's Hood Icon.png Usurper's Hood 12
File:Usurper's Trousers Icon.png Usurper's Trousers 8
Frontliner's Breastplate Icon.png Frontliner's Breastplate 20
Frontliner's Helm Icon.png Frontliner's Helm 12
Frontliner's Greaves Icon.png Frontliner's Greaves 8
Macaw Shirt Icon.png Macaw Shirt 20
Macaw Headdress Icon.png Macaw Headdress 12
Macaw Leggings Icon.png Macaw Leggings 8
Raven's Breast Icon.png Raven's Breast 20
Raven's Beak Icon.png Raven's Beak 12
Raven's Claws Icon.png Raven's Claws 8
Toucan Breastplate Icon.png Toucan Breastplate 20
Toucan Helm Icon.png Toucan Helm 12
Toucan Loincloth Icon.png Toucan Loincloth 8
Ferozium Staff Icon.png Ferozium Staff 6
Sentinel's Breastplate Icon.png Sentinel's Breastplate 20
Sentinel's Helm Icon.png Sentinel's Helm 12
Sentinel's Shorts Icon.png Sentinel's Shorts 8
Shaman's Chestguard Icon.png Shaman's Chestguard 20
Shaman's Mask Icon.png Shaman's Mask 12
Shaman's Skirt Icon.png Shaman's Skirt 8
Synthesizer's Chestguard Icon.png Synthesizer's Chestguard 20
Synthesizer's Helm Icon.png Synthesizer's Helm 12
File:Synthesizer's Trousers Icon.png Synthesizer's Trousers 8
Legionnaire's Breastplate Icon.png Legionnaire's Breastplate 20
Legionnaire's Helm Icon.png Legionnaire's Helm 12
Legionnaire's Greaves Icon.png Legionnaire's Greaves 8
Templar's Breastplate Icon.png Templar's Breastplate 20
Templar's Helm Icon.png Templar's Helm 12
Templar's Greaves Icon.png Templar's Greaves 8
Doom Lord's Breastplate Icon.png Doom Lord's Breastplate 20
Doom Lord's Helm Icon.png Doom Lord's Helm 12
Doom Lord's Greaves Icon.png Doom Lord's Greaves 8
Seeker's Chestguard Icon.png Seeker's Chestguard 20
Seeker's Helmet Icon.png Seeker's Helmet 12
Seeker's Pants Icon.png Seeker's Pants 8
Wanderer's Chestguard Icon.png Wanderer's Chestguard 20
Wanderer's Helmet Icon.png Wanderer's Helmet 12
Wanderer's Pants Icon.png Wanderer's Pants 8
Universalist's Techjacket Icon.png Universalist's Techjacket 20
Universalist's Helm Icon.png Universalist's Helm 12
Universalist's Techpants Icon.png Universalist's Techpants 8
Euphotic Jacket Icon.png Euphotic Jacket 20
Euphotic Helm Icon.png Euphotic Helm 12
Euphotic Pants Icon.png Euphotic Pants 8
Aphotic Chestguard Icon.png Aphotic Chestguard 20
Aphotic Fin Icon.png Aphotic Fin 12
Aphotic Trousers Icon.png Aphotic Trousers 8
Disphotic Breastplate Icon.png Disphotic Breastplate 20
Disphotic Helm Icon.png Disphotic Helm 12
Disphotic Greaves Icon.png Disphotic Greaves 8
Beam Sniper Mech Arm Icon.png Beam Sniper Mech Arm 30
Gravity Mine Mech Arm Icon.png Gravity Mine Mech Arm 30
Swarm Drone Mech Arm Icon.png Swarm Drone Mech Arm 30
Tesla Stream Mech Arm Icon.png Tesla Stream Mech Arm 30
Occasus-2 Mech Body Icon.png Occasus-2 Mech Body 40
Exodus Mech Body Icon.png Exodus Mech Body 40
Cyclops Mech Body Icon.png Cyclops Mech Body 40
Miniknog Mech Body Icon.png Miniknog Mech Body 40
Protector's Mech Body Icon.png Protector's Mech Body 40
Gambler's Vest Icon.png Gambler's Vest 20
Gambler's Hat Icon.png Gambler's Hat 12
Gambler's Pants Icon.png Gambler's Pants 8
Clockwork Jacket Icon.png Clockwork Jacket 20
Clockwork Hat Icon.png Clockwork Hat 12
Clockwork Trousers Icon.png Clockwork Trousers 8
Wrangler's Plate Icon.png Wrangler's Plate 20
Wrangler's Hat Icon.png Wrangler's Hat 12
Wrangler's Pants Icon.png Wrangler's Pants 8
Violium Broadsword Icon.png Violium Broadsword 6


  • Pleased Giraffe: Added price, changed rarity from Uncommon to Rare, increased fuel amount from 20 to 75, removed crafting recipe


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem solariumstar
File Name solariumstar.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting