Becoming a Peacekeeper

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Peacekeeper Poster.png Becoming a Peacekeeper
Side Quest
Questgiver: Peacekeeper Poster

Enter the peacekeeper station and interact with the Bounty Board

Turn In: Bounty Board

Peacekeeper Station T2

Rookie Assignment

Becoming a Peacekeeper is the first quest in the Peacekeeper side-questline, centered around Bounty hunting criminals.

The quest is given by a poster inside the Outpost. Completing the quest requires players have a mech to enter the peacekeeper station. After entering the station the quest can be turned in at the Bounty Board.

Each poster on the board represents a Bounty mission, which can be completed to rank up and open access to a higher level station with the quest Rookie Assignment.

Quest Text

Captain Noble Sprite.png

Captain Noble

Quest Text

"Greetings, travellers! I'm looking for someone to become my partner in crime-fighting!

If you think you have what it takes, come out into space and meet me at my humble asteroid base!"

Completion Text

"Welcome to your new peacekeeper station."




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Quest Complete Command /completequest
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