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Peacekeeper stations are added in the 1.4 Bounty hunter themed update. Peacekeeper stations appear after accepting a Becoming a Peacekeeper quest at the Outpost's peacekeeper poster.

The player's currently-assigned Peacekeeper station can be found on the navigation console by clicking the Peacekeeper symbol on the left side of the screen:


Peacekeeper station upgrades

The Peacekeepers acquire progressively better stations as the player completes the peacekeeper quest lines.

Tier 1

The first station does not look impressive at all. It is just a rusty base within a small asteroid.


Tier 2

After completing the first gang quest line and capturing the gang's boss, the player is instructed to proceed to new coordinates, where a better station has been opened. The new station is still unimpressive, but definitely an upgrade. It has a Peacekeeper Store, which sells unique items for Peace Credits.


Tier 3

As the player rises in rank by taking down a second gang, a new station is opened. Now in addition to the Peacekeeper Store, a kitchen area is available. Peacekeeper emblems appear here for the first time, although they're mighty rusty.


Tier 4

After shutting down a third gang, the next station really starts to look better. It has a special department of Frogg's Furnishings, Peacekeeper Furnishings, that sells unique furniture and decorations. The Peacekeeper emblem at this station has been polished to a shine, and the station is the first to feature the Peacekeepers' signature neon lighting.


Tier 5

With the defeat of a fourth gang, the Peacekeepers are restored to their former glory, and are able to open a fully stocked station. This new station features a mech bay with a mech assembly station and mech part crafting table. In addition to the previously-available shops, a new shop, Neon Furnishings offers a full set of neon signs, holotrees, and neon Peacekeeper emblems for sale. Most importantly, the donut vending machine becomes available. Multiple variations of the fifth tier Peacekeeper station become available, as additional gangs are defeated.


Hidden treasure

On the level 4 Peacekeeper station, there is a locked room on the top right. Around the station there are some targets. Destroying all of them will open the door, and allow the player to access the cargo inside.