Rising through the Ranks

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Captain Noble Quest Portrait.png Rising through the Ranks
Side Quest
Questgiver: Captain Noble

Enter the new peacekeeper station and interact with the Bounty Board

Turn In: Bounty Board

Peacekeeper Station T4

Rookie Assignment
The Good Fight

Rising through the Ranks is the third main quest in the Peacekeeper side-questline, and unlocks access to an upgraded Peacekeeper Station.

The quest is given after players have turned in enough bounties to "rank up" at the Bounty Board in their second station.

In all station boards - each poster on the board represents a bounty mission, which can be completed to rank up and open access to a higher level station with the quest The Good Fight.

Quest Text

Captain Noble Sprite.png

Captain Noble

Quest Text

"Our latest gang bust has given us a lot of fundin' from folks in this sector. So much so that I've been able to contract the development of a new, bigger station! Head on over there, partner!"

Completion Text

"Welcome to your new peacekeeper station."




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