Arena of Fire

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Nuru Quest Portrait.png Arena of Fire
Side Quest

Questgiver: Nuru
  • Talk to Nuru to travel to the arena
  • Win the arena battle
  • Return to Nuru at the Outpost

Turn In: Nuru
Pixels-Sell.png 1200
The Glory That's Inside

Arena of Fire is a side quest given by Nuru after the Great Sovereign Temple mission has been completed. Players must have also completed the second arena encounter quest, The Glory That's Inside.

Nuru sends the player to the arena a final time, speaking with Nuru again will open the option to teleport there. Once inside players must defeat powerful warrior. Templar Inferno, who has a flamethrower sword. There's now lava and flame traps which can empower the champion, and a number of small monsters which will continuously spawn as long as the Templar is alive. After Templar Inferno has been defeated, and all remaining pets have been cleared, a passage opens to return the player to Nuru for turn in.

This quest awards the Templar's broadsword Firestorm's Fury, which is one of the most powerful swords available and has a unique flamethrower secondary attack.

Quest Text

Nuru Sprite.png


Quest Text

"I've got one last challenge for you! A creepy guy in armour called Templar Inferno wants to fight you. He likess fire, and I mean a lot. Maybe take some Burn Spray to defend yourself from his horde of flaming monsterss... Anyway, speak to me when you're ready and I'll warp you there."

Completion Text

"You made it! Even with all the fire! Impresssive! Here, take Templar Inferno's sword - You deserve it, champion! Don't ask how I got it."



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest floranarena3
File Name floranarena3.questtemplate
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