Your Very Own Space Station

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Your Very Own Space Station
Side Quest
Questgiver: Transponder Vendor

Turn In: Transponder Vendor

Station Transponder


Your Very Own Space Station is a quest which is given by Human Transponder Vendor NPCs found in space encounters. Once completed it can be turned into either the original, or any other Human transponder vendor found in space.

Once completed players will be awarded a Station Transponder, which will allow them to place a expandable space station in orbit inside the current system.

Quest Text

Human Transponder Vendor

Quest Text

"If you'd like your own Space Station I can build you a Station Transponder if you provide me the materials to construct it.

I need 1 Power Core, 12 Copper Wires, and 6 Carbon Plates to me or any other Transponder vendor. Note that you'll be charged with a 20000 pixel fee for labor."

Completion Text

"Here is your very own Station Transponder. Use it on your ship to deploy a space station in your local solar system."




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Quest Complete Command /completequest
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