Parts and Labour

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Dr Akaggy.png Parts and Labour
Side Quest

Test Drive

Questgiver: Dr. Akaggy

Turn In: Dr. Akaggy
Pixels-Sell.png 250
Test Drive
Penguin Weaponry Testing Site

Parts and Labour is a quest which is available to players after completing the quest Test Drive and acquiring a mech. It's given by the small Penguin scientist at the Outpost, Dr. Akaggy.

After it's completed, players will learn the recipe for Missile Rack Mech Arm, a mech arm weapon, and open access to the quest Penguin Weaponry Testing Site and the mini-boss Shockhopper MK I.

Quest Text

Dr Akaggy.png

Dr Akaggy

Quest Text

"I'm working on a shiny new mech weapon, but I need some help gathering some pieces. If you could go into space and find me 5 salvaged interface chips and 10 salvaged power couplings, I think that'll be enough to finish it!"

Completion Text

"These parts are enough for me to finish my new Missile Rack arm! As a token of my appreciation, I've sent a copy of the blueprint to the mech part crafting table - you can go and make your own now!"



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest mechupgrade1
File Name mechupgrade1.questtemplate
File Path assets\quests\outpost